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Safe And Accident Free Work Environment On Roadways

Safe And Accident Free Work Environment On Roadways

November 20, 2020 06:55

Safety has been prime focus in any construction sector, manufacturing industries and in all industries. It is not just about being or keeping the environment safe and secure to work in anymore. It has slowly scaled up to making an industry superior in terms of rating of suitable work environment is concerned. While safety had always been on the top of the priority table, it has become an important factor above all in the last few years. Every year there have been various incidents of safety compromise which result in fatal accidents. However, with the advent in technology and technological advancement in safety in work place, things have changed with considerable decrease in road accidents due to any construction work on road.

Technology Advancement to protect Construction workers

Safety being one of the things that is always cornered and undermined has never found technology intervention. This is one of the reasons why there have been many casualties and deaths. One of the major areas of impact has been work on roadways due to which Traffic control signs are imperative. Workers are now properly trained before going to the job site. It is only after ensuring that they are properly trained that they are allowed to the job site. The workers are provided with personal protection equipments that make them prominently visible to the public travelling thus preventing any potential accident. Contractors now require safety vests where there is potential risk of accident during work. There are various kinds of safety vests available for different kinds of requirements keeping in mind the kind of work. These belts have been classified as class 1, class 2 and class 3 belts which can be used depending up on the risk factor involved in the work. Which technology has been tremendously used in safety, there are various kinds of vests available for use depending up on the risk factor. There are led lighted vests to increase visibility. There also are smart safety vests which use GPS Systems for tracking and short range communication.

The Intelligent Transportation System is very much important in traffic management. It helps authorities in managing the traffic and not just that, it also informs the people and provides smooth alternative route for exit from the affected areas. In the process of traffic management, VMS or solar Variable Message Signs can be used to display any message or information anywhere. These models have showed positive results and with the use of technology, reducing and managing traffic, road accidents have reduced considerably. There are various features of the Intelligent Transport system which make it one of the most safe work environments. In this, visibility from huge distances is possible. Improved readability is also possible with multiple numeric fonts. Moreover, the system has energy efficient operation which increases efficiency. It also has lockable battery box to prevent access that is unauthorized. There also can be changeable lane control sign which can be controlled with a single message. So, there are numerous traffic control and manage control signs managing traffic for safe and secure work on roadways.

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