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next stop display sign
next stop display sign

The next stop displays have become an integral part of the modern transportation system, and bus being one of the most affordable and widely used modes of transportation; the next stop signs finds wide application in it . These next stop displays provide information to the passengers about the location of the next stop on an LED display board. These signs work on GPS or Wi-Fi in conjunction with the pre-programmed route map fed into its memory system.

Photonplay has been working since a long time to develop technology-driven solutions that will simplify life. Moreover, all our products are designed and developed looking at the need of the hour. The gamut of choices that Photonplay gives to its consumers is huge and contain array of products that can be used in different scenarios but all with one motive of making the work easy, time-saving and cost-saving.

We have always been a propagator of the fact that technology is the most agile thing and can be used to create flexible solutions. Photonplay’s next stop displays are the example of how technology has transformed the bus journey for passengers and at the same time it has streamlined the bus transportation.

bus destination display board

Next Stop Display’s features that will allure you to install on of these in your local bus fleet:

  • Can store more than 100 routes and more than 100 stops for each route
  • GPS and Wi-Fi enabled
  • The voice and display work in sync with each other
  • Independent of driver’s control
  • Information about the driver and conductor
  • Multilingual display features available
  • Works efficiently under all light conditions
  • Stop information announcement
  • Can be customized to feed in new data about the route
  • User-friendly software
  • Cost-effective
  • Robust and rugged frame
  • Weatherproof
  • Available in colored format and various fonts
  • Multipurpose display system

With all this and much more, Photonplay’s next stop displays are apt to make the bus transportation smooth and free of any glitches. Moreover, our customer-centric approach has made us create products that can be tailored as per customers’ requirement. Our next stop signs are easy to install and can be mounted in front of the gate of the bus or at the side to increase visibility for passengers.

The next stop displays have become a necessity nowadays. It is important to have one these on your buses. This not only makes the journey easy but at the same time it also ensures the security of passengers because of pre-programmed route and information display system works on GPS hence the driver or the conductor can never misguide. Such kind of system becomes integral for school buses.

Photonplay has sole property over the products they sell because all our system is built in-house. From designing to manufacturing, selling and promotion everything falls under Photonplay trademark. Since we do not outsource anything all are products come with a guaranteed quality. We have served many local and national authorities. Despite being a well-known name, we continue to improvise our quality standards and install state-of-the-art technology. Get connected with us to know more about our products.

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