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highly visible and innovative, creating instant awareness of local speed limit


It is seen by millions of eyes during the day and by millions of carmen every day to safely reach the destination. By improving road and traffic safety we make our own contribution to humanity.

Our PIDS is completely programmable and software for all parameters and settings has been created by our team. You can drive manually from your local ASM Terminal, or from the OSC via a PIDS station server.

We produce and supply different product categories beginning with concourse displays, Metro platform displays and major overview train information display diagram at a glance. The PIDs of Photonplay are highly trustworthy, versatile, robust and regulated Train signalling system components

Bus Destination Sign Board

Platform Display

Platform Display for upcoming train information displays

Passenger Information Systems PIDS

Concourse Display

Summary display to display all train data


Photonplay use the most advanced technology for displaying passe-by-side information because of its highest luminosity which is visible even on a very sunny day, its long life (20 years) and its quality, function 24 hours a day. LED RGB (Full Color) devices provide versatility for content to be displayed in any colour, size, font style and schedule format.


Photonplay can show Train in any custom shape and format while at the same time respecting customer requirements. We have to visualise product viability, design to update up to the time when a prototyping, development and implementation have been generated by the project from start to finish.

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