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November 20, 2020 06:55

Safety is the first priority of each and every state government of a country. According to the national highway traffic safety administrator, more than 40,000 people died on highways in road accidents every year. High speed vehicle takes more time to stop, that’s why speed factor has contributed to increasing the percentage of accidents in recent years. No doubt, slow driving can also be dangerous. But that doesn’t mean you have right to cross the limit of speed. Traditionally, people were charged for over speed or Speedy crime. There was no trick to handle the speed problem where people were comfortable to pay for their over speed vehicle. Now, from getting speed ticket to making excuses, it’s wise to clear up some traffic concepts once. Following summary is about the latest technology (photo radar) to track the speed of a vehicle.

Photo Radar is one of those devices which will send automatically a ticket to the owner of a speedy vehicle. This trust worthy device is used in over the 70 countries  worldwide. One of the main objectives of this project is to reduce road accidents, road victims, etc. This technology has come out in order to change the behavior of drivers for rush driving, reckless driving and preventing tragedies. The photo radar lawsuit is filed with a lot of  debate questions. Even the lawyers of Quebec are pushing against speeding ticket issue with radar evidence or refunded is successfully argued. According to them an image of photo radar is not enough to justify a speed ticket.

You might think you know all the traffic rules and more about speed limits. Generally, Radar signups are called for speed display signs, driver feedback signs to improve its performance. But on this informative platform, we will discuss only Photo Radar sign ups for to alert the owner of a speedy vehicle.

Photo Radar device will claim the speed of a vehicle by alerting about their speed. Photo Radar speed signs are particularly effective at super speeder to slow down.  Speedy vehicles will slow down up to 80% at the same time by alerting the radar sign.

 Mobile VMS ( variable message sign) is one of best alternate to alert the driver through solar mobile variable message sign. Local and remote programmable options are included to these data sign messages. Integrated programs into it for user friendly programming and high speed programming are: -

  • Latest innovative LED
  • long life battery
  • Sensors
  • CCTV

Photo radar installation was first held in 2009. Radar variable message facility with extra LED digits is to alert drivers of their speed or notifying them about road construction, dangerous road condition. Traffic controller can choose a text, graphic or animated message to alert the driver and can change the variable message signs based on driver behavior.

There are a couple of reasons in which drivers may be ticketed for illegally or impeding traffic. But the idea of the ticket instead of paying is working too good. Generally, Drivers should know this ticketed speed limit technology to drive with the traffic rules and in the right lane to prevent from the acts of aggressive driving. Because speeding tickets can effect to your driving record and you have to pay to your lawyer to fight a case for you which may become a time consuming plus hectic task.

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