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led stock ticker

Stock market LED ticker tape display stream ticker symbols, current market data outside buildings as well as inside stock markets or trading offices. The stock market ticker also show RSS news feeds, financial headlines, cryptocurrencies, commodities, major stock Indexes such as Nasdaq composite, S&P 500, Dow Jones, etc. We can also add some custom contents for any urgent information or entertainment purpose in between the live data feeds.

Led stock ticker often use to shows the ticker symbol, change in price and percentage change from the earlier session's close, and usually the volume of the shares being traded on various exchange. The stock ticker sign show transaction details, price data for a security and update continuously throughout the trading hours.

Some color coding technique are available to show the direction of changing stocks price such as Red color to show price is going down, Green color to show price up and neutral color for no change in price.

We provide ticker display having heights varying from 6.3 inches to 36 inches and width from 2 foot to thousands of foot. You can set any desired height you are in need of. Whether you need it in Straight ticker tape, L shape, Curved ticker tape, Flexible ticker display, Serpentine ticker tape display, C shape or even an O shape just let us know and our designers would suggest you the best among the lot.

Tickerplay Circular led ticker displays not only enhances the beauty of the nearby surroundings but also creates a sense of satisfaction and awe in the mind of the viewers. We use flexible module that can comply to almost all type of curvature creating seamless scrolling stocks, RSS news, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, and custom text along with beautiful logos

Our extensive range of displays at Photonplay are all manufactured in house, our customer-focused approach means that we can quickly develop and supply new sign sizes to suit specific customer requirements still offering longer warranty terms than other suppliers as standard.

The sign system is programmed using Photonplay's proprietary, Windows based ticker software which is simple to use and allows messages to be displayed in multiple languages and a wide variety of presentation styles.

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