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led stock ticker

Now a days, Brokerage firms are one of a kind of firms commonly referred to as “financial institutions” which need live updates of the stock feed, commodities pricing, financial headlines, cryptocurrencies etc for its buyers and sellers. So, an led stock ticker display is a constant need for financial brokerage firms.

An Led Stock Ticker Tapes from Tickerplay will not only provide you constant update of the stock market data, but it also helps in creating a soothing yet vibrant atmosphere for your prestigious clients and customers. We have various models of an led stock ticker display. Led tickers are differed with respect to their height, pixel resolutions and pixel pitch ranging from economical options to the most vibrant premium ticker tape model.

A premium ticker display spread more beauty due to higher pixel resolution and lower pixel pitch. You will get HD type data scrolling on the ticker display. Which will make your space more tempting. If you have low budget and looking to buy the best led ticker display, you should prefer an economical ticker display. We provide an economical ticker display at cheapest cost. This model of ticker tape display is also used to displaying messages, stock quotes, cryptocurrencies, commodities in indoor as well as outdoor environments, and it’s bright enough to compete with ambient light. We can make cabinets of ticker display in any custom shapes and angles or curve that can fit any where.

circular led ticker tape

Tickerplay has modern technology and have a great experience of 25 years of making a perfect shaped circular, oval, and elliptical surfaces led ticker display. We can make circular ticker as tight as 2.5 foot radius. The design of circular ticker display can be either inside or outside that would perfectly fit for you.

Tickerplay Circular led ticker displays not only enhances the beauty of the nearby surroundings but also creates a sense of satisfaction and awe in the mind of the viewers. We use flexible module that can comply to almost all type of curvature creating seamless scrolling stocks, RSS news, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, and custom text along with beautiful logos.

We have great resources and technologies that make circular ticker more robust design and reliable. Everybody in this world want to see live information on their fingertips and to counter this perspective is nothing better to go with led ticker tapes from Tickerplay.

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