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Why Variable Message Signage Isn’t Just For Highways

Why Variable Message Signage Isn’t Just For Highways

November 20, 2020 06:55

Variable message signage is a medium of communication to convey people key information about your business. Variable message signage is helpful for those people are willing to have a solution by which they can tell more people about you and what’s going on. Variable message signs can be seen on the highways which can be beneficial to and helpful in spreading information. These message signs can also be used in construction zones for warning the drivers to slow down. Now a days various highway is using variable message signage to aware drivers about what’s going on up ahead. These signs are basically used for delivering various safety messages and sometimes may be used to spread facts and figures about accidents to help drivers keep safety on their minds. These types of signs are able to spread a lot of information in a short amount of time.

Mobile Variable Message Signs

 Mobile variable message signs—can be mounted on vehicle for providing timely information where it is needed. By using Mobile variable message signs, Information can be displayed about road conditions and road work to emergencies, using both text as well as images on a full matrix display in either amber or full color. Mobile variable message signs are able to provide clear visibility by implementing ultra-bright LED technology ensured both day and night through automatic brightness adjustment. Mobile variable message signs (Mobile VMS) are used to provide an effective way to broadcast messages, alerts and warnings by the roadside.

What are Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)?

Dynamic Message Signs are like an electronic sign which are basically overhung along major highways. These signs are typically used to flow information about the traffic conditions, travel times, construction, and road incidents. DMS is an important tool which is used to provide Travel time information that is the default message of DMS. The signs can also be used during overnight if needed for construction, road incidents, or other relative information. Dynamic Message Signs(DMS) are electronic signs on the highway that can change the message they display. DMS are electronic signs on the highway that provide drivers with real-time traffic alerts.

Solar VMS Signs

Solar VMS Signs are able to provide an effective way for traffic management system. The world is moving forward towards the renewable source of energy as it comes free of cost and it requires very less effort to tap the renewable energy. The renewable source of energy such as the solar energy is available throughout the year and one of the easiest to tap and utilize. The solar VMS is similar to its electrically powered variant with a difference that it comes with a solar panel and a battery to store the solar energy harnessed by the panel.

Using a solar VMS gives excessive flexibility to the authorities to install them in places where there is no electricity. These solar signs are stand-alone devices which get the required power from the sun and are connected to the command via Wi-Fi.

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