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November 20, 2020 06:55

In this era of planned township where every person expect quality services near to their house, the concept of smart city has come up as a hope in this context. This is the place where entire city is planned and free from extra disturbance.  The development goals of smart city are development, management and improvement.

What is smart city?

In our day to day life we came across the word smart city then many of us think that what is the basic difference between normal cities and smart cities? In smart city is the most aspiring project that is introduced by government of number of countries. As we know traffic has become major issue in every country therefore special measure like solar powered variable message signs have been taken in order to reduce this so that every person can reach their destination without any delay.

Which technologies will help to make the cities smart?

Traffic control is not an easy task therefore little support of technology is anticipated in this direction. Town organizers of the past could not anticipate present day automobile parking issues. Far more automobiles led to most illegal automobile parking. Personal automobile parking administration is criticised for developing this issue. Parking offenses don't simply occur in locations nevertheless restricted the city space and rise in vehicles has generated a pushing requirement for smart alternatives. Construction of car parking is done in number of areas.

Illegal parking of cars not only created nuisance but also increase risk to life. Traffic prevents moving smoothly when driver of vehicles can’t turn the car from the corner due to some obstacles. Vehicles in temporary parking can’t make their way out from it as other parked vehicles hinder the path and .Clearly there must be some solution of the illegal vehicle parking system.

Paying third party for parking of vehicle is regularly cities by the people. Some of the expect suggest that if cities are developed in such a manner that it has separate lane of driving for heavy vehicles as well as proper facility like mobile vms signs of their parking then this kind of problem will be reduced to a great extend. We must be thinking what is so bad in paying third party for parking the vehicle. If third party is allowing you to park your vehicle in its personal space then it is their right to get paid for this.

Why is the Smart Cities vision so important for the future?

Solutions to automobile parking issues are going on. As people now a days has become budget minded, some automobile parking difficulties will be reduced. More and more people are moving toward a vehicle which are small in size as well as fuel efficient .A lot of these automobiles take significantly less space both when in parking and in traffic. A lot of automobile owners need to park their vehicle close to their location this directly or indirectly cause parking issue. One recommendation like variable message signs being tossed around may be for the solution of parking is the use of public transportation system.

This could encourage the workers to park their automobiles on the outer side of the town. Another possible alternative is to establish a bus service between the work location and the automobile parking space at the edge of city. This would resolve the issue of the residential automobile parking problem at the outer side of the city.

Parking issues might not be entirely settled but discovering methods to reduce illegal automobile parking activities leads to better neighbourhood. This is a nice beginning when private automobile parking administration becomes convenient.

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