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Why Investing In Road Safety Is Worth Every Penny

Why Investing In Road Safety Is Worth Every Penny

November 20, 2020 06:55

If you think safety is expensive, try an accident. An accident which causes a fatality or serious injury is the most dreaded scenario in the business. For drivers, the thought of being involved in a collision with a vulnerable road user will strike fear into hearts nationwide and particularly into the hearts of those who operate commercial vehicles. Vehicles must be fitted with side guards to prevent cyclists being dragged under its wheels in the event of a collision.

Multi-cam systems are a much cheaper method of increasing visibility around the entire vehicle and are one of the most effective tools for protecting vulnerable road users. This allows for a view around the entire vehicle, rather than at the front left of the cab alone.

Systems such as the E82 multi-cam system allow for up to eight cameras to be fitted to a vehicle. The system also allows for a monitor to be fitted inside the cab in order for drivers of commercial vehicles to have a live view of cyclists, vehicles or pedestrians that are travelling on their nearside. In addition to the E82 system’s nearside camera, fleet and compliance managers are able to fit a camera to the rear of the vehicle in order to assist in reverse manoeuvres, which many sites have now made mandatory to increase the safety of staff, visitors and vehicles. A camera can also be fitted into the vehicle for ensuring drivers are concentrating on roads and not using a mobile phone. The monitor’s view can be determined by the vehicles actions, for example, if traveling forward, the screen will show what is on the front left of the vehicle, and when reversing the monitor will show the area directly behind it. The multi-cam solution gives fleet managers and drivers the peace of mind that visibility around vehicles is at its optimum level without forking out thousands for costly new cabs. For those vehicles travelling inside of London, installing cameras could be the affordable way for haulers to increase road safety and reach the three-star threshold Direct Vision Standard initiative will require.

Driver Feedback Signs-

Driver feedback signs are designed to increase driver speed awareness and roadway safety for residential communities, schools & educational corridors, hospitals, business parks, highway and road construction sites, military bases, police enforcement zones and just about anywhere speeding is a problem.

Variable Message Boards-

Portable solar powered variable message boards are used in a variety of traffic control, emergency communication and sporting event applications as well as for temporary communication devices to convey your desired text to any mass audience.


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