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We Must Get Up To Speed On Road Safety

We Must Get Up To Speed On Road Safety

November 20, 2020 06:55

The population of the world is keep on increasing, more people are moving towards the urban areas and the traffic keeps on increasing for this purpose. We need road safety, as road transportation is the most common way to communicate with people. For small distance travel we prefer a car or a bus. Nowadays people enjoy a little road trip for a small vacation, but sometime there is a risk involved in a road transportation, so here road safety comes to place.

Structural problem with a transport system

Transport system can be of any type like air, water or Land. The main structural problem with air transport system is the structure of the flight, trafficking system, management of the systems and so on. Again the problem with water transportation is that you cannot connect within the country and is time consuming. Road transportation is the most common way to communicate with people. The main structural problem with the road based transportation system is the planning of the road, bridges, how to connect the cities. Designing is the key and the main problem is turning across traffic, designing for Terrestrial and cyclist and shared spaces. For rural areas, Highway and trains is the main mode of transportation.

Public safety on our roads

Public safety in roads is controlled by the municipality, County, state and jurisdiction. These teams will handle all the narcotic use, trespassing, harassment, unauthorized leaving. The government should invest in making infrastructure and road safety, so that the road is safe by all the people. Now in this technological world many Technologies had been developed for road safety which includes VMS signs, radar speed signs. The citizen should be trained to maintain a proper discipline while driving like always use indicator while turning, maintain traffic rules, don’t drink and drive and so on.

How can we get up to speed on road safety?

            The government should spend substantial sum of money in research and development team to maintain road safety. The people are need to be trained for the technologies. Some of the new technologies which help in road safety are as follows -

  • Solar VMS signs –VMS stands for variable message sign or as a matrix sign. It is a traffic sign which is electrically controlled and are often placed on the road ways to give the driver knowledge about events like accidents, incidents, traffic congestion, speed limits and so on. Solar VMS signs our solar powered sign which are used to save electricity and they need a very less maintenance. The solar cells traps solar energy and store it into batteries which then can be utilized to power the signs. This VMS sign can also be used as a parking guidance system and information system to check the availability of the parking space.
  • Mobile VMS signs - Mobile means which can be transported easily. So, if a VMS sign is attached to a truck or a bus then the VMS sign is mobile and it can be moved from places to places. This VMS sign can also be used as an advertisement or business purposes. This mobile VMS sign is specially used when there is a construction of road as because they are not fixed and will vary from place to place.
  • Radar speed sign - These are speed signs which calculate the speed of a car real time and display it on the LED screen. It will warn the driver. If the driver is over speeding then the CCTV camera will capture the license number plate and the necessary consequences will take place. This act as a reticular Activator which guides the driver to maintain a proper speed l

So in conclusion road safety is a necessary and necessity in day to day life. As statistics show major accidents happen in roads can be controlled using proper road safety. With proper use of Technology we make road transportation more reliable.

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