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VMS Signs To Improve Scottish And London Road Safety

VMS Signs To Improve Scottish And London Road Safety

November 20, 2020 06:55
VMS-1.jpg Management of road traffic and ensuring road safety is the prime concern for the authorities and in order to keep a check on this, many new methods of traffic control have come into existence The VMSs or variable messaging signs are a popular medium to ensure road safety and manage traffic. What are VMSs? VMS or Variable Message signs are a digitized board that displays various information related to road and traffic. The information is displayed with the help of LED which can single color, two colored or there-colored depending on the type of VMS chosen. VMS or Variable Message Signs are known as matrix sign in the UK. Application of VMS: The Variable Messaging .Signs or VMS finds myriads of application , the likes include:
  • Informing the drivers about information like accidents, traffic congestion , alternate route, road works , weather conditions, speed limits etc.
  • It can also be used as parking guidance system
  • Exit ramp closures
  • Pavement failure alerts
  • Travel time
Overall, these are the modern mechanism of Intelligent Traffic Management. Apart from displaying information, these VMSs can be supported wth real-time information system to keep them up to date. Classification of VMS: The VMSs or Variable Messaging Signs can be of different types like:
  • Permanent or Stationary VMS - The information on this board can be changed manually ,electromechanically or mechanically . It provided information about traffic crashes, weather conditions, road conditions, highway features like toll booth or weight stations. It can support large data and since exposure time is more, it gives more time to the motorist to read and comprehend the messages.
  • Mobile VMS - They can be moved from one place to another and provide information to the motorist about the road conditions, speed limit, highway features, traffic status etc.
  • Truck mounted VMS - You can find these mounted at the rear of the truck.
The growing popularity of matrix signs unfolded when the authorities decided to install digital cameras and VMSs on the road to ensure the safety of commuters and reduce the number of accidents. They have already installed 7 signs  on various routes including A40 Westway and A406 Hanger Lane gyratory in northwest London. They plan to introduce many others in the coming time. These matrix signs are dull colored and have clear visibility even from a longer distance. The growing number of road crashed and mishaps have led to this step. Although, Intelligent Traffic Solutions has become very popular and more and more cities are making use of VMSs to ensure road safety and security but there are places which still need to work on it. Key features of Matrix Signs or VMSs installed :
  • Multi-colored
  • Weather-proof
  • Cam had large number of data
  • Vandal free
  • Low maintenance
  • Energy efficient
  • Cost effective
These are some of the key features which make VMSs popular medium of traffic management. You can easily install one of these near school, parking area or manufacturing unit to display various information . Our Role: Photonplay is a renowned name when it comes to manufacturing variable messaging signs. Our dedicated research and development department keeps on innovating and adding new features to variable messaging signs to make it more adept and strong. Cost-effectiveness and continuous customer support are what Photonplay offers and you can entrust us with all the traffic management related devices . We have our proprietary  technology and everything is manufactured in-house leaving no scope for errors or fault. Photonplay has prowess to manufacture all kinds of VMSs and customize it as per your requirement. If you wish to get one of these, you can connect with us over a call or email.

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