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VMS Signs Springing Up On Newcastle's Busiest Roads

VMS Signs Springing Up On Newcastle's Busiest Roads

November 20, 2020 06:55

Information dissemination at right time with a minimum time lag is of prime importance today. We all know that there is an increased traffic flow on the road and most of the time problem crops up when there is a poor flow of information or in the case where people are not aware of any kind of change that is happening. VMS or Variable Messaging Signs has emerged as a popular source of information display that too with it catches eyes of maximum people in one go.

But what are VMSs ? 

VMS or Variable Messaging Signs are digital sign boards which displays information pertaining to road traffic, weather condition, any kind of construction work, debris on the road, alternate route, traffic condition, time, date , weather and much more .

As compared to the earlier times, VMSs now have multifaceted applications, apart from traffic information, these signs are now used at various places like production house, manufacturing units, hospitals, news channels etc.

VMSs are called by different names, changeable, moveable, electronic and they are used interchangeably. In the UK they are called as Matrix Signs.

Applications of Variable Messaging Signs :

Variable Messaging Signs are used for different purposes , some of the common application of VMSs include the following :

It is used to warn of -

  • Traffic congestion
  • Accidents, incidents,
  • Road work zones,
  • Speed limits on a specific highway segment.
  • In urban areas, they are used for parking assistance and information system to guide about parking space availability.
  • It is used to inform drivers about alternative routes, inform about travel speed

There are various types of VMSs:

  • The first VMS that was used was named REDUCE SPEED neon signs, it was in use from 1950s-2010 but then they turned obsolete and needed replacement so now we have digital signs boards.
  • Later we saw Changeable Messaging Signs or CMS or the rotating drum signs that were used for closing roads or moving traffic to different roadways.
  • Post this, came the Electronic VMS signs that remotely controlled messages. Like the State Traffic Management Center updated these signs automatically.
  • Variable speed limit signs these types of Variable Messaging Signs were used to display speed limit of a particular area.
  • And now we have the growing prominence of Movable Messaging Signs or Movable Electronic VMS which is similar to the previously existing VMSs but can be moved from one location to other as and when required.

Many of you reading this would agree on the fact that Variable Messaging Signs have become epochal when it comes Intelligent Traffic Management System. The most recent example showing increase application f VMS was seen in Newcastle where many new VMSs are coming up.

Overview of the increasing number of VMSs on the roads of Newcastle:

Newcastle recently saw the upsurge of a number of large variable messaging signs to warn the drivers but roadworks and weather disruptions. Thus will help them plan their journey and adopt alternative routes to reach their destination and also plan their travel.

As per reports, VMSs have been placed on 27 key routes in Tyne , Wear, and Northumberland , this is subdivided as

  • 11 in Newcastle
  • 5 in Gateshead
  • 4 in Sunderland
  • 3 in North Tyneside
  • 3 in South Tyneside

The total cost that will be incurred in this project is £1m, but the price is nothing as compared to the benefits that these Variable Messaging Signs will offer in future.

These signs will be used to display the following information:

  • Information about road conditions and weather conditions
  • Live accidents or crashes
  • Debris on the road
  • Journey times
  • Car park capacity
  • Some major roadwork or construction work
  • Road safety tips
  • Speed limits etc.

These signs will surely help the commuters in ensuring that their travel is safe and less time consuming.

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