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Versatility Of Electronic Led Signs

Versatility Of Electronic Led Signs

November 20, 2020 06:55

When it comes to manufacturing sign boards which will provide the most up to date information, every industry uses LED signs. Be it the sports company or the various stock exchanges around the world, electronic LED sign display boards have become very common.

They are used even in ticker tapes which are small strips of electronic communication signs. They have all the information that you will need to decipher the meaning of a single stock value. Right from the signs which show the rise and fall in the value of the stock to the company’s abbreviations and the numbers which denote how much a stock has gone down, everything is made comprehensible in a small strip called the ticker tape.

In order to make these signs even more interesting, companies today use LED ticker tape which runs the same information but in different colours. The colour red denotes a stock which has gone down and the colour green denotes a stock which has gone up.

LED ticker tapes for sports information

Men love their sports room that is why the notion of a man cave does not seem archaic today as it does not mean a man cave literally. Man cave refers to a room which has been devoted to watching and playing games only. Many people love to create the entire aura of the stadium in their home itself and sports ticker display help them in achieving that. Right from the big screen on which they watch the live match of various sports to the ticker tapes which show the change in the scores in real-time.

The ticker tapes are the things which give them the feeling of being virtually present for the game. Man caves are also used for playing different types of indoor games and the scores obviously show up on the electronic sign board.

Moreover, the man cave has sports ticker display which shows the upcoming schedule of every important game of your choice. Thus, man cave is a dream place for any ardent sports fan.

Other uses of electronic displays

Electronic LED display signs are used in various other places as well. From being the electronic board which displays all the information about an upcoming event in a theatre or hall to being the best place to advertise your company’s new products.

A perfect example of electronic display signs is the Times Square. The big hoardings at the Time Square are always changing and new information is being displayed there. Almost all the sign boards in Times Square use a series of LED lights. Earlier, it only used to feature static messages for the people, but that has evolved today to show videos as well.

Electronic LED display signs are also used on expressways and highways to either display an advertisement or the speed limit that is to be maintained on that highways for safe driving.

One can now see that a small LED when coupled with other such small LEDs creates a string of display which can be easily used to display important information.

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