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November 20, 2020 06:55

Urban roads are one of the busiest traffic areas where countless vehicles travel over day and night continually. It needs a proper guidance system to inform the drivers about the condition of further road to prevent form any accident case. The variable message signs are one of the latest methods to display the updated conditions of the road and climate to keep the driver up to date. It is actually a revolutionary concept which is widely followed by many countries. Road safety is always very essential while driving that is why a number of new methods are implemented every day.

The traffic guidance system must be effective enough to display every kind of information without delay. Because on highways, every single second is valuable to prevent from a serious accident. It is not possible to reach everywhere physically to convey the message regarding road construction, avalanche or land sliding. To solve this issue, the LED ticker tapes are very helpful.

Use of LED ticker displays on highways

The advanced traffic guidance system cannot be imagined without the use of LED ticker display panels. These displays are operated through a single command station from where the traffic authorities display important information for every place. In case of any emergency, just type the message make it to be displayed on the roads. You can see these electronic LED display signs at many highways where no traffic authorities are present. The ticker tapes are very useful in every field such as to advertise something or to display the latest headlines in public places. Now the use of traffic guidance system has changed the whole concept of safety measures.  You can easily get information regarding the condition of road miles away before visiting the actual place. It is a big step towards the road safety equipments used by traffic police.

Meaning of variable message signs

The variable message signs or you can say the VMS is those display panels which are installed by traffic authorities at different spots to inform the drivers with important updates. Generally these signs are used to warn for:-

  • Working zone in the middle of road
  • Speed limit
  • Congestion in traffic
  • Any road accident occurred ahead
  • Road lockage due to any climatic condition

The variable message sign is made up of light emitting diodes which are very common in these days. These are high power diffused oval LEDs where message can be displayed in any language. You can control the brightness of these panels according to various conditions such clear weather or snow fall. You can manually operate this device, but the automatic function is also available to control them from any distance.


  • Stability and uniformity in display without any blur or fuse
  • Multiple displays can be controlled through just one computer.
  • It is very easy to change the text and image according to different situations
  • Provides a reliable communication protocols
  • Easy to install and replacement of parts in case of any technical issue.

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