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The Technology Behind Solar Powered VMS Signs

The Technology Behind Solar Powered VMS Signs

November 20, 2020 06:55

A variable message sign also termed as a VMS sign, and in the United Kingdom known as matrix sign, is basically a traffic sign which runs on electricity and is put up beside roadways to give travellers information. The information concerned can be regarding anything, speed, speed limit, traffic jam, accidents, whether the road in front of them is blocked, any and every other kind of traffic or road related information is offered to the travellers by these variable message signs.

Solar energy and its uses.

By this time everyone knows that solar energy is the light and heat energy which we all get from the sun. But what a very few people know is that the solar energy that reached the surface of the earth can be converted and used as electricity. The machines which are used to collect the solar energy are called solar collectors. A very good example of a solar energy collector is a unused or closed down car, the heat which the glass windows of the car absorbs can be stored inside the car and later converted into electricity.

The electricity derived from the sun or the solar energy can be used in many ways, it can be used to power a steam driven generator, which in turn can heat a whole building or a water supply. But a very recent use of this energy source is that it is being used to run VMS signs as well. Solar variable message signs are being used now over normal variable message signs because electricity being a non renewable needs to be saved. Such a thing has been understood and thus the normal signs are being changed by the solar VMS signs.  These signs work as the normal ones used to work and there is no change in their performance but the fact that now they work using a renewable source of energy which ultimately makes the machinery all the more durable and lessens the chances of it going extinct.

Mobile VMS signs

Along with being environment friendly VMS signs are also becoming mobile. Mobile VMS signs are basically small variable message signs which can be carried about in cars and put up wherever necessary. There has become a huge market for such mobile variable message signs with a lot of online shopping sites selling them to interested customers. These mobile signs can be carried in any way as they small enough to fit in proper bags which ensures safety rather than the big ones which used to have to be carried in trucks and someone or the other always had to keep a lookout to see whether they have fallen off the truck or not. The mobile signs eliminate that possibility altogether. These signs, along with being put up on the side of the road, can also be mounted on vehicles in case of an emergency. For example, if an accident has occurred but the incoming cars have no idea about it then immediately these signs can be put up on top of a truck and that truck can make its way to the incoming vehicles to make them aware of the fact that there has been an accident.

These signs can be powered by solar energy as well, which makes it not only small and handy but also environment friendly. Going for such solar VMS Sign will not change it its working but will help to save energy. Solar energy will make it easy to use such boards and also it will not make any difference if using such natural source of energy. It is best in every way and also helps to save money and energy for other purposes.

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