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The Metropolitan Transportation Authority Plans To Make Biggest Changes In The Transit System’s History

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority Plans To Make Biggest Changes In The Transit System’s History

November 20, 2020 06:55

The famous L train route which runs between Manhattan and Brooklyn will be closed. The L train is the most crowded and popular train route then runs under East River. The subway line carries thousands of people and the decision to close it down will pose a great problem to the commuters.

The authorities however believe that the decision though tough was mandatory as the famous train route demanded immediate action.  People are now left with only two options:

  • Either travel by bus
  • Or take 3 different trains to reach their destination

Reasons for closure:

MTA is facing some serious opposition from the people because of their decision to close the L train route but the authorities said that the step was mandatory. The L train route was damaged in 2012 when the corrosive saltwater by superstorm sandy flooded the tunnel. The damage could lead to some grave issues later hence it is important to nip the problem at the budding stage. The idea has just been proposed and the closure is a long way to come.

The way out:

MTA recognizes the fact that sudden closure of tunnel will definitely raise some problems and will upend the travel but in order to resolve the issue, the authorities have started working proactively and will introduce more services on other service lines like G, M and A. Moreover, busing the riders across the Williamsburg Bridge is another option that MTA officials have planned to help the commuters.

MTA had two options, first was a 3 years construction schedule that would have allowed the track to be operational but with limited service and second was the closure of the tunnel to complete the work in 18 months; MTA chose the 18-month closure plan over 3 years of repair work. The authorities have their own reasons to support this but the move has definitely not been welcomed by the people.

The repair work will involve replacing the electronic cables that runs inside which will abate the concrete lining of the tunnel.  In order to save further chaos because of work , the authorities decided to close the tunnel instead of 3 years repair work .The L train being operational since 1924 has gained huge popularity amongst the commuters and the decision to shut it down for a period of 18 months seems to be unacceptable to people.

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