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The Effects of Traffic Signs on Road Safety

The Effects of Traffic Signs on Road Safety

November 20, 2020 06:55

Nitin Jayram Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways take a major step on road safety. As you all know that road safety becomes the major issue in the present times. There are many traffic signs generated for the safety of the people such as VMS display, radar speed signs and so on. Most of the people drive roughly because of them other road users can suffer. Drink and Drive is one of the major issues of accidents. So, to overcome this, government takes charge on them or also makes restrict rules regarding traffic safety.

The Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill:

Recently, the Parliament has successfully passed the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill 2016 for the safety of traffic management.

Importance of seat belt:

As you heard that a lady Lubna Khan tried to explain her six years old daughter Raaha Shakir about the importance of wearing seat belt. So, this is the best step taken by a mother regarding traffic safety, we all need to learn something from her.

 In fact Traffic Commission going to fill vacancies in Douglas County because we need such personalities who can make and guard our traffic rules. As the traffic increases our govt. need some good and educated person who manages the traffic rules.

Importance of road safety:

Road safety is a method which is used to safe road users from being seriously injured. Usually, the road users include vehicle passengers, pedestrians, motorists, passengers travel on public road transport and cyclists. The accidents can be avoided if the drivers are not distracted and drive carefully.

Traffic Management System on Roads:

Traffic safety is same as road safety but some parameters are different this is used to reduce accidents. Due to restricted traffic rules, people can drive in a road very safely and without any fear. Well, traffic management is the arrangement for the road users so that they can drive safely and reduce road accidents.

How traffic management works:

The traffic control management always alert and gave attention towards the road users that they can follow the rules or not. If not then they charged on you and can take strict action on them. Traffic management is a way of managing the traffic environment.

Weak-Long Photo Exhibition:

Recently, the City Police Commissioner S.Sateesh Bino takes part on the weak-long photo exhibition which is held at Police Club there on the topic of traffic awareness. This is one of the great steps taken by our Police system or our future generation for the development regarding traffic safety. Children also have to know about the traffic rules so that they can follow them too.

RAMKY Construction Company forgets to install the traffic signs display boards on the Srinagar-Banihal road stretch. Due to this mistake many accidents happened on that road. Govt. has to take strong action regarding them. Further, this type of mistake never happened again so that govt. has to make strict laws.

How Traffic Signs Work on Road:

There is various traffic signs used to help the road users in road. Some of are:

  1. VMS Display:

VMS Display stands for variable message sign display which is mainly placed on the areas such as urban arteries, highways and major road junctions. These are also abbreviated as VMS, DMS or CMS. The vms display mounted on roadway or installed at the side of the road. They mostly use text and graphics in a color. They display information about the construction, road closures and emergencies. The vms display also includes traffic control systems like video surveillance system, traffic detection system and traffic monitoring system.

  1. Message Signs:

Message signs are the signs which is used to give special event messages that are very useful for the road users so that they aware and drive safe. These are low consumption applications such as power supplies with low dispersion, heat dissipation without external air exchange, high efficiency LEDs, high thermal dissipation paint and optimized electronic control. The message signs are used as solar powered variable message signs and vms display.

  1. Radar Speed Sign:

Third is radar speed sign are the signs which is used to control the speed of the road users. This is one of the interactive sign through which you can slow down your speed. The radar speed sign is mainly constructed with the LEDs.  It displays the speed of the motorists or the vehicles who running in that road. The speed cushions, speed bumps and many of the safety measures are apply to remove the fear of accident.

  1. Variable Message Boards:

Variable message boards are mostly same as vms display, it is use to give the messages regarding events on the road for the awareness of road users. The variable message boards help you to drive safely in a road and also avoid accidents.

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