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Some Technologies To Keep Your Drivers Safe

Some Technologies To Keep Your Drivers Safe

November 20, 2020 06:55

Safety on the road does not limit to just traffic control but the safety of the car as well. From a simple four wheel vehicle that can travel from one place to another, cars have come a long way in terms of technology. There are plenty of features installed in every car to ensure that the people in the car are not harmed when an unfortunate accident occurs.

The astonishing thing to notice about these developments in the car and the safety features is that all of them have been developed in the last decade or less. Most of the features that we are about to discus in this blog can either be found in a top model from a reputed brand or can be purchased from the market.

The cost of the car also depends on the number of safety features that will be present in your car. Not only will these top car safety features help you get the best safety on road but you will also be able to cut out on your overall insurance rate.

  1. Autonomous emergency breaking (AEB)

This technology has led to a decrease in around 38% of the rear-end car crashes. The AEB braking will work on its own when it senses a potential car crash. Any potential sign of a crash like a pedestrian or a cyclist and if the driver doesn’t apply the brakes, this technology will.

  1. 360⁰ cameras

Instead of just the view of the rear, cameras now offer a 360⁰ of the parking lot or any other place on the display screen of the car. This technology has evolved to ensure that people know what lies around in the surrounding. The cameras have become smaller and now offer better picture quality which has made this technology possible.

  1. Lane departure warning

This technology is available on almost every car today and doesn’t cost much if you are planning to get it installed on your previous cars. The technology helps in monitoring the lanes of the car and issuing a proper sign in case someone moves away from their lane or is about to do so. The signs are issued in the form of visible alert in the display or an audible warning. If the driver doesn’t heed to any of these, then a vibration of the steering wheel follows.

  1. Traffic jam assistance

This is a must for any vehicle because most of the time accidents occur due to the unpredictable nature of the vehicle in front. This technology monitors the slow moving traffic and also keeps a safe distance from the vehicle in front of them. The technology works with a combination of autonomous braking and lane-keeping assistance system monitors which keep a track of the traffic on the road.

  1. Blind spot warning

The vehicles that are approaching from the rear can be seen in the driver’s blind spot. This alerts the driver in case he/she was planning on changing the lane.  Radar sensors are used for this purpose as they continuously keep an eye on the road behind the car and give an illuminating sign on the side on which the vehicle is approaching. If the driver misses the sign by any chance, an audible warning is issued to ensure that the driver knows that there is an approaching car behind them.

Apart from these safety features in a good car, many countries are also trying to improve the safety on the road by ensuring that there are proper signs like radar speed signs to ensure that the drivers know the status of the road. These are also called as driver feedback signs or variable message signs.

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