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Suffolk’s Hands off your Mobile Campaign hits the Road as Traffic signs Display our Message

Suffolk’s Hands off your Mobile Campaign hits the Road as Traffic signs Display our Message

November 20, 2020 06:55

Suffolk roadsafe partnership board is always working to reduce road accidents and improve the safety measure in Suffolk. Its aim is to make the road safer for all. It recently launches ‘Hands off Your Mobile campaign’.

Suffolk recently launched a campaign named as ‘Suffolk’s Hands off your mobile ‘.the campaign gets a huge success. On Suffolk Facebook page also get great success over Facebook as more than 1500 people have made a commitment over Facebook that they would never use a mobile or any handheld device during driving a car or motorcycle.

 And those who still uses a mobile phone during driving will be given a tougher punishment for breaking the law.

‘Suffolk’s Hands off your mobile’ gets a great success so it also hit traffic sign boards on roads. A traffic signboard is used to display important messages regarding road safety, driving rules, traffic guidance and also creating awareness. The traffic signboards may be a Solar Powered Variable Message Sign and Dynamic Message Signboard.

Electronic Traffic Signs

Electronic traffic signs deliver s greater awareness among users. Electronics traffic signs are displayed on LED screen. A message written on these electronic signboards are generally for the safety and convenience of drivers. The most common message you may read on there is about road safety campaign messages like, ‘safe driving, saves lives’ ‘life don’t have reset button. Drive safe’ ‘better late than never’ ‘stop accidents before they stop you’ and many more.

 This time Suffolk campaign hits the signboard and you can see hand off your mobile message on electronic traffic signs and it was seen on all Mobile VMS Signboard,  Solar Powered Variable Message Signboard and Dynamic Message Signboard.

What Was the Hands-Off Your Mobile Campaign

Hands off you mobile campaign was aimed to stop people using their mobile while they are driving. The transport department has issued figures showing that the accidents due to using the mobile phone get double in the region. So, the Suffolk’s police and crime commissioner decided to takes strong steps against the drivers who use the mobile phone during driving.

They set up a Facebook page where people are allowed to take the pledge and not to use their phones during driving. The same message was also delivered by school children to their parents. The campaign got succeeded well.

It was one of the campaigns of Road safety that gets huge attention. The message was successfully delivered to all. Beside this, there are an also a lot of road safety campaigns that are run by Suffolk road safety.

Road safety campaign messages

Road safety campaign messages are those messages which increase the awareness of people about road safety rules, and make them conscious to drive safely and follow all traffic rules so that accidents and collapses can be avoided. You can see various mobile vms signboards and solar powered variable message signboard displaying the road safety campaign messages.

These messages are about motorcycling, country road driving, stopping the drug driving, importance of wearing seat belts, promote people to stop drink driving and also about speed limit. As most of the time these are the major reason for causing accidents.

These messages are displayed with the help of Solar Powered Variable Message Signboard and Dynamic Message Sign.

Public has appreciated the campaigns runs by Suffolk road safety.

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