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November 20, 2020 06:55

Due to the increasing number of vehicles on roads, need of road safety awareness has increased. Roads are one of the most possible threats for life if ignored the safety measures. That is the reason behind various road safeties campaigning organized through whole world. To reduce the number of road accidents, public campaign at large level is very essential. A campaign cannot be said to be successful until citizens will participate willingly and show interest in learning. That is why modern and interesting ways of to prevent road accidents such as variable message signs are introduced.  These signs can be placed on all types of roads with important information or warnings so that the driver will stay aware.

Public campaign on road safety

On many occasions, the awareness campaign about road safety initiated but the results are not satisfactory till now. Because most of the people don’t show interest in it and assume it as wastage of time only. Mostly it is seen several times that these type of campaigns are considered as boring events and nobody cares about the core message. People do not show interest in learning the rules and regulations such as use of high beam or low beam light, seat belts or indicators etc. By ignoring these little things, big miss-happenings may occur. The mobile VMS signs are playing an important role to reduce the road accidents because these signs can be placed anywhere remotely. After the completion of purpose, the mobile variable message signs can be moved to another place.

Generally, these types of signs can be seen on the roadsides where the work will be on progress or showing that car parking space is full. The text is written on LED panels is visible for long distance clearly. You can see these signs in day light as well as at night clearly in any weather. In the public campaigns, the knowledge about these signs is given so that drivers will learn about the latest techniques of road safety awareness.

Meaning of the campaign name ‘Start With Me’

Recently it was announced in Myanmar that a large level of road safety campaign will be started on 4th April for the awareness of traffic rules. It is estimated that more than 95% of road accidents occurs every day due to the mistake of people. To reduce this percentage, it is very important to keep them aware about variable message sign. This event will be started from Mahabandoola Park in Yangon because this place has become the synonym of road accidents since last year. An average of 47 road accidents per day recorded at this place last year. This is really a very huge number so that people must be well informed.

To make this campaign successful, more than 700 people will participate voluntarily by wearing t-shirts “safe steps-road safety” written on them. This campaign will be named as “start with me” has motive to inform citizens about causes of accidents and how to reduce them. To make this event entertaining, various artists, performers and experts are invited to convey the message successfully.

Aim to start this campaign

This campaign was held at Yangon because this place had become hub of road accidents. To give the knowledge about driver feedback signs, this event will be organized at a large level. These signs will inform the drivers to reduce the speed limit at some specific places with high contrast resolution LED panels. These signs are impressive as well as affordable to be placed on every important place such as near school, religious places or any other public place. It is a good step taken by authorities of Myanmar and will set an example worldwide by attracting international media. Accident prone area like Yangon will reduce its road accidents percentage with the help of this event.

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