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Solar Powered VMS – An Eco-Friendly Way To Manage Traffic

Solar Powered VMS – An Eco-Friendly Way To Manage Traffic

November 20, 2020 06:55

The world is already witnessing the increasing demand for products that can effectively manage their lifestyle. One of the most important factors that impact our daily life is traffic.  As the number of vehicles continues to increase on the road, so does the need for an intelligent management system is required which can effectively streamline the traffic flow.

Variable Message Signs are one of the most popular traffic management devices; they have been in existence for a long time. Since the time they first came into existence , Variable Messaging Signs have evolved , the advanced version of VMSs are laced with state of the art technology, works in real-time and can be programmed using cell phone using Wi-Fi.

Variable Messaging Signs are known by different names like Dynamic Message Signs, Electronic Messaging Signs and Changeable Messaging Signs and in the UK it is known as a matrix signs.  Variable Messaging Signs are electronic traffic signs is an electronic sign that displays information related to traffic.

Uses of VMSs-

They are used to guide the travellers and commuters about the traffic and road conditions.  Here are some of the common uses of VMSs:

  1. Traffic congestion
  2. Accidents
  3. Roadwork
  4. Highway segment
  5. Parking guidance
  6. Speed limit
  7. Guidance about alternative routes
  8. Traffic conditions
  9. Weather warnings
  10. Debris on roadways
  11. Short-term maintenance
  12. Promotional messages
  13. Pictograms etc.

 Although VMSs are energy efficient devices yet the focus is now shifting towards exploring the solar energy. Now more and more companies are making an initiative to manufacture solar powered variable messaging signs.  The solar powered VMSs work as efficiently as electronic VMSs.

We now have the movable version of VMSs called as Portable Variable Message Signs. These signages are often mounted on trucks or on wheels so that they can be easily moved to the place of requirement. Since now we have solar power enabled VMSs it has become even more easy to operate. Solar powered digital displays are energy efficient and are eco-friendly Moreover, they demand less maintenance and hence, have become quite popular in recent time.

Now, more and more companies are shifting their focus to improving and improvise the current VMSs and introduce new technology which can make it more sagacious. There are various companies that are making an effort to do the same and Photonplay stands tall when it comes to singing state of the art technology. Our company has some of the best talent supporting our engineering and manufacturing wing which has ensured that we manufacture innovative product every time. VMSs are a popular product and they need to work error-free and hence, at Photonplay we have stringent quality standards which ensure that each product is an emblem of highest quality standards.Moreover, our internal R&D team persistently researchers new way to develop products which are highly energy-efficient and demands lesser maintenance. We are improving our solar powered VMSs. To know more about our product range you can connect with us today.

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