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Solar Powered Variable Message Signs: Anytime, Anywhere

Solar Powered Variable Message Signs: Anytime, Anywhere

November 20, 2020 06:55

To enhance the road safety with suitable instruction the variable message signs are very useful. It is most efficient and user-friendly communication device with the latest software technology. The solar powered variable message signs are highly effective & long lasting without the need for any external recharge. The programming of solar message signs is easily accessible via a Windows-based browser. Variable message sign is specially designed for high-speed roads & trunk roads of cities. You can operate in hours of darkness at any time in the year & in all the light conditions.

Here are some main features of these message signs:

Easily visible all the texts & graphics:

These devices works with a motive of reducing traditional energy source consumption. With the color combination, all the mobile message signs can easily show text, logos or graphics in red, green & blue. These flexible led displays improving roads & highways in the order for following the traffic rules. The message signs on the panels consists of signs for the road maintenance, warning trailers & temporary variable messages signs. The traffic police can easily control the traffics via central management systems.  It provides the highest optical performance & can reflect the LED lights where you need most. The road drivers can easily view the signs and can move ahead accordingly to the instructions on the display solar board. These variable message displays are easy to install & can help trailers or vehicles in emergency conditions.  The manufacturers use ultra bright, low power LED technology to secure maximum displaying in all the environmental condition. The message signs remain durable because the manufacturers are using long term reliability phenomenon.

The high technology uses for VMS signs:

The technology use in mobile VMS signs comes under the traffic management software. When Variable message signs are connected with mobile sensors, they provide the information on the display board.  The information collects from the boards are controllable through traffic management software with different traffic control stages. These movable message signs are identical for sites, events & traffic management on the roads. In the earlier times, a VMS sign had limited capabilities of showing text, had fixed height & were a single color message. But now photon play is a matrix of colors that emits flexible text message, graphics & symbols for delivering the traffic information on the roads. And it can display active instruction & guidance for the transportation also. The main features of movable message sign are no requirement of diesel & generator to recharge the solar panel. The solar panels can also function through the remote that makes it much convenient. The signs are available in different sizes, verities & versions, you can install according to your need for working area. International solar power mobile message signs are also manufacture with features exceptional eligibility in multiples languages.

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