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How to be Safe on all Lane Running Motorways

How to be Safe on all Lane Running Motorways

November 20, 2020 06:55
1473091160647.jpg-m4__smart_motorway__scheme_gets_green_light_.jpg All lane running motorways have specific speed limits that need to be maintained and these lanes help in managing flow of traffic. Such motorways can get quite tricky for car breakdowns and drivers need to follow safety measures to avoid accidents in such cases. VMS signs are used to alert coming vehicles about blocked paths or free paths depending on traffic congestion or in case of emergency situations. In case of breakdown or a puncture, take refuge in a refuge spot and use emergency phone to call for help. The hard shoulder is utilized to control the flow of traffic effectively. All lane running motorways also known as smart motorways use this method with support from technology such as mobile vms signs to reduce congestion. Even though this is a good way to manage traffic, it can get slightly tricky to drive on such motorways. Such motorways have certain speed limits and vehicles driving in specific motorways need to maintain those speed limits so that the smart motorways can operate effectively. Smart motorways are of three types namely controlled motorway, dynamic hard shoulder running and all lane running. All lane running motorways make use of the hard shoulder always, as a running lane for automobiles. On the other hand, controlled motorways make use of multiple lanes with varying speed limits but has hard shoulder meant to serve emergency situations. Lastly, the dynamic hard shoulder running lane makes use of the hard shoulder during extremely congested traffic situations where in a white line separates the hard shoulder from the normal motorway. Use of variable message sign is to inform drivers whether the hard shoulder is open for traffic or not. Such signs also notify drivers of the speed limit to be maintained based on prevailing traffic conditions. Some tips on how to be safe on all lane running motorways are:
  • Always consider your car’s stability and fuel level before entering a motorway. This is essential since accidents can happen in a high speed motorway if your car gives up in the middle. This is very important since receiving help can get difficult, expensive and dangerous on a high speed motorway.
  • To call for help during emergency situations, make use of emergency phone in refuge to inform operators about the problem. Relying on your own mobile can be futile since you may not receive any signal. Moreover, using the emergency phone will let the operators know exactly where you are situated and where to send the mechanic or tow truck.
  • Pay attention to instructions with respect to your departure from refuge area. This is necessary since the control centre shall alert cars coming your way with signs to let them know that you are coming out.
  • Just in case your automobile breaks down in the inside lane, make sure you step out of vehicle from passenger side and not driver side. Do this when you are between refuges and take cover behind barrier. Switch on your hazard lights to alert coming vehicles so that they can carefully bypass your vehicle.
Lastly, if your vehicle stalls amidst a running lane, stay put inside your vehicle with seatbelt strapped on. The CCTV cameras shall sense the stalled vehicle and alert the control centre of the case. Soon, you will receive necessary help. Many lanes use solar powered variable message signs to alert coming vehicles so that the signs never go off irrespective of electric supply.

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