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Route 72 Eastbound Causeway Bridge Closed After Pipe Collapses

Route 72 Eastbound Causeway Bridge Closed After Pipe Collapses

November 20, 2020 06:55

Variable Messaging Signs or VMS have now become very common and are a popular tool for Intelligent Traffic Management. The upsurge of this device is the gift of modern technology. Variable Messaging Signs are displayed board illuminated with LED displaying information about weather conditions, the traffic status, any construction work going on, an alternative route to reach designation, the speed limit of a particular area, date, time etc .  Overall they are mini information display system that works on real-time and has been programmed to update the information with minimum or no time lag.

VMS or dynamic messaging signs are being used by traffic authorities across different parts of the world. VMS offers myriads of advantages making them a perfect choice for managing the traffic .

Here are a few advantages of VMS:

  • It gives the important and advisory information to the driver
  • Being placed at roadside it doesn’t occupy much space like traditional traffic signals
  • It helps in reducing the stress of driver by reducing travel time, assisting with alternative route
  • Increase the traffic safety and helps in smooth flow of the traffic
  • It asks the drivers to change the travel speed depending on the road and traffic conditions. information about a lane change, route change, availability of parking space and beware of change messages are common information that can be displayed using variable messaging signs.
  • The most important feature of VMS Signs is that it displays information and updates it with minimum time lag.

VMS are often used to inform drivers about road congestion, unexpected delays, construction works, incidents ahead and alternative route suggestion,this is particularly helpful in reducing the stress driver’s stress.

Here I am quoting an incident which can happen anywhere and how VMS can help in reducing traffic congestion:

The route 73 Eastbound lanes were closed this August due after a pipe collapsed on Ship Bottom. As a result, the traffic congestion was fairly expected and people had to face travel delay while traveling to Long Beach Island. As a result of the collapse, the road has to be reconstructed and the drainage pipe needs to be replaced because of this repair work, the lane had to be shifted to the right. Despite being a tough situation, the authorities were able to manage the traffic and help the travelers by using VMS signs.

They had mounted variable messaging signs throughout the area where the repair work was being executed . The VMS or dynamic messaging signs provided the motorist and the travelers about the construction work, and the changed traffic pattern helping them to choose an alternate path .Overall the intelligent application of Mobile VMS not only helped the authorities to continue their work seamlessly but even the travelers who were well-informed about the project work and change of lanes.

This is just an incident affecting how VMS were used to help the travelers. Such signage is a must for Intelligent Traffic Management System and removing road-rage. Apart from traffic information, VMSs can be used for advertisement, awareness generation etc. Hence these are multi-purpose device helping traffic authorities and people.

Our Role:

Photonplay has long been in the business of manufacturing variable messaging signs or dynamic messaging signs. We have always ensured using the state of the art technology to design and develop our products. Our designed VMSs find the application on the national and international platform.

Key features of our products :

  • Use of modern technology
  • Customizable to different size
  • Clear visibility from a long distance
  • Variable in single color, multi-color display format
  • Energy efficient
  • Vandal free
  • Cost effective

We cannot undermine the fact that the demand for VMS is growing with each passing day and if you wish to buy any of our products you can get in touch with us today.

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