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Route 539 Passed An Year Without Reporting Any Fatal Accident After Installation Of VMS Signs

Route 539 Passed An Year Without Reporting Any Fatal Accident After Installation Of VMS Signs

November 20, 2020 06:55

The precarious route 539 was always a drive of risk for the locals and other commuters and why not, this route had faced so many fatal accidents in previous years. If the data is bifurcated into fatal and non-fatal ones, then there were a total of 11 fatal crashes since 2013-July 2015 and coming to the non-fatal crashes the numbers are as follows:

  • Tuckerton: 18
  • Stafford: 16
  • Little Egg Harbor: 81
  • Lacey: 26
  • Barnegat: 17
  • Plumsted: 145
  • Manchester: 99
  • Jackson: 1

As per reports of the officials, there are many causes for such a massive which includes:

  • Trespassing
  • Over speeding
  • Rash and reckless driving
  • Improper turning
  • Disregarding the traffic signals
  • Overtaking and much more.

The Ocean County residents were worried about their safety but with the new measures of security being introduced, the results have overwhelmed people. Since last year, after the implementation of the modern method of road safety and traffic management, Ocean County has reported ZERO accidents and crashes which are a lesson that every city and state should learn.

Let's see what Ocean County did differently

 Modern technology has bestowed us with many tools that can help us manage the traffic intelligently and efficiently. The Variable Messaging Signs or VMS are an integral part of Intelligent Traffic Management System that is widely being used across different nations. Ocean County also introduced this technology apart from the other road safety measures adopted by them and the results are impeccable.

What is VMS?

VMS or Variable Messaging Signs are electronic display boards that share real-time information about the traffic status, road status, road directions, speed limit , weather conditions etc. These LED boards have  a single-color to multi-color display with visibility from a long distance and hence ensures that everyone is well-informed about the road and traffic conditions. These dynamic messaging signs function in real time and hence they actively keep the information updated leading to lesser traffic chaos.

As a part of enforcement initiative by Ocean County prosecutor, which will run from August 15th – September 14th will have unmarked police vehicle policing around the area along with 10 Variable Messaging Signs placed on the road . Apart from these initiatives there are other engineering gears that have been introduced as a part of their safety initiative:

  • Raised Pavement Mark
  • All weather reflective marking
  • Radar activated LED chevrons

Furthermore, the city has decided to harp on the education element to disseminate the information to every individual. This includes sinanges, social media posting, radio, print media, awareness posters etc.

The city has decided to make it safe for commuters to travel on the road and they have succeeded. Because of stringent policies and educating individuals about road safety, the city has not witnessed any accidents in last one year which is remarkable.

The assured of road safety is not only the responsibility of authorities but every individual who is walking or driving on the road. Installation of VMSs and implementation of stringent traffic policies are a just accompaniment of responsible individual behavior.

However, with the upsurge of Intelligent Traffic Management System, the road probability of road accidents and mishaps has reduced to a great extent but unfortunately there are many cities that are still witnessing the repercussions of careless driving.

Our Role:

 As a leading manufacturer of products like VMSs , we highly recommend upgrading the road safety measures by installing such dynamic messaging signs which can keep the people traveling on road updated with the road and traffic conditions. This not only helps in streamlining road traffic but at the same time, it ensures commuters safety. Our variable messaging signs are robust and dynamically display information as per changing conditions and hence are a perfect way to manage road traffic. Get in touch with us today to know more on this.

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