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November 20, 2020 06:55

RAC stands for Riyadh Airports Company have recently signed an agreement with the Saudi traffic and road safety campaign. The main focus or goal of this campaign is to decrease accidents in a kingdom. The agreement which is signed by RAC is known as agreement of understanding with the initiative of “Allah Yatik Khairha”.  This is launched by Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH), the Disabled Children’s Association and the General Directorate of Traffic (GDT) in November.

The main goal behind signing of this agreement is to reduce the risk factor of accidents on roads, disability cases, reduce injuries and reduce road mishaps. Various message signs are used for the road users so that they can drive their vehicle in a safe mode such as mobile vms signs, radar speed limit signs and variable message signs.

The agreement of understanding was signed between two eminent personalities first one is the Abdulaziz Abu Harba who is the director general of RAC and the second one is Sulaiman Al-Mansour who is the executive director of the Allah Yatik Khairha initiative. Harba said that initiative is more essential for describing the serious dangers of accidents and also expressing his hope that if RAC support the initiative than obviously it become simple to achieve the aim of reducing accidents.

  • About traffic-safety awareness campaign:

In traffic-safety awareness campaign, the agreement of understanding was signed between Abdulaziz Abu Harba and Sulaiman Al-Mansour with the goal to reduce accidents in a kingdom. With this agreement, they spread the awareness regarding road safety and safe driving.  It is for all the people of society and especially between the new generations.

They can introduce many traffic signs in this campaign and also define them to the people so that they can do use it. These traffic signs are such as first is radar speed limit signs are the signs which are interactive and give information regarding your speed and warns you that you slow down your vehicle in a fixed speed. This sign protects you from further accident or from any danger. These signs are usable and protects other person live too.

The radar speed limit signs are constructed with the LEDs. It senses the speed of your vehicle when you are driving in a road and gave you warning. These are same as traffic calming device such as speed cushions, speed bumps, speed humps and speed tables.

 Second one is variable message sign are the signs abbreviated as CMS, DMS or VMS. This is one of the electronic traffic sign which is used to give special information to the travelers about the events. Variable message sign are placed on areas like urban arteries, highways and major road junctions. It is mostly placed or mounted above the roadway and installed at the side. These are using graphics and text in monochrome or color. These signs also provide the traffic information like construction, emergencies and road closures.

Last are mobile vms signs are same as variable message sign. The mobile vms signs also provide the information regarding traffic conditions. This information is very helpful for the road users.

  • What is the Agreement between RAC and GDT?

The agreement of understanding signed between RAC and “Allah Yatik Khairha” initiative. RAC stands for the Riyadh Airports Company whereas GDT stands for the General Directorate of Traffic. This agreement was launched in November with the approval GDT, Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) and the Disabled Children’s Association. The main objective of this agreement is to reduce the accident problem in the kingdom or also injuries.

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