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Radar Speed Sign Will Remind Motorist To Check Their Speed

Radar Speed Sign Will Remind Motorist To Check Their Speed

November 20, 2020 06:55

All over the world, every minute many road accidents happen. In most of these accidents irrational driving is the cause. People often cannot gauge the speed at which they are travelling even though there are speed meters in all vehicles. People take the saying “always keep your eyes on the road” too literally and over speed, especially at intersections and highways, which leads to these accidents. Now that radar speed signs are being installed at various important highways and roads, these accidents can be avoided. In Sibley, Iowa these new speed signs are installed which can save many lives and reduce other damages that are endured because of over-speeding accidents. Not only accidents but these signs can help reduce traffic problems as well by helping drivers gauge their speeds and manipulate it as required. This technology has been accepted and appreciated all over the world and now it finds its place in Iowa too.

Use of radar signs or radar guns in law enforcement

Radar guns or radar signs are mostly used in law enforcement to understand the speed of approaching vehicles and if the vehicles are over speeding then they can fine the person. Now if the radar gun is connected with display sign so that the approaching vehicle can understand that they are over speeding or are going to cross the speed limit, they can slow down. That is why in the streets of Sibley, Iowa many radar signs are being installed so that drivers can be more aware of their speeds while they are driving. If this systems are installed all across the cities and not only at the busy highways and intersections, more and more drivers will get to enjoy its benefits and over time their driving habits will change, that is, they will stop over speeding altogether.

The technology behind radar guns

A radar gun works on the principal of reflection. There can be two kinds of radars, stationary radars and moving radars. Both of these sends out signals that are reflected by stationary background objects like roads, trees or buildings and by moving vehicles as well. Depending on the frequency of the reflected signal the speed of the moving vehicle is calculated. This calculation is very accurate and when vms signs are added to these radar guns, the approaching vehicles can see at what speed they are driving and if they are above the speed limit or are just about to cross the speed limit, they can reduce their speed. This can avert accidents and also at busy intersections and highways and in any busy street in general. No one wants to die in a road accident and no one wants to be stuck in traffic. So if the driver is aware that increasing or decreasing their speed can help them, they will automatically do that.

In Sibley, Iowa one such driver feedback sign has been installed at 5th street which is the busiest street in town. Also, there is a mounted-unit that is going to do rounds all over the city to assist vehicles in different places. The variable massage sign on 5th street has been installed where the speed limit is 25 miles per hour, and often cars cross that speed limit. The city of Sibley has collaborated with the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office in order to install this system on 5th street in Sibley and to get the mounted unit functional. There is Iowa Special Traffic Enforcement program which helped in acquiring the sign that is currently installed at 5th street in Sibley. This sign has already had an impact on the traffic.

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