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Radar Speed Sign To Come Up At Route 59 In Keating Township

Radar Speed Sign To Come Up At Route 59 In Keating Township

November 20, 2020 06:55

Over Speeding and overtaking are common observation these days.  Traffic authorities and government time and again introduce new rules and regulations to put a stop to these. The latest accompaniment to traffic management is the use of radar speed signs at different corners of the road. These speed signs are digital indicators of the speed limit and speed of approaching vehicle. This intimates the driver about the speed of approaching the vehicle and manages his/her seed accordingly.

Radar Speed Signs works on the theory of Doppler Effect and have proven to be a highly effective measure for traffic management. They are a highly customizable device which can be transformed into a speed indicator, traffic calming device etc.

Some of the popular names of Radar Speed Signs:

  • Speed indicator
  • Traffic calming device
  • Driver feedback signs
  • Speed display signs etc.

They have proven to be an excellent traffic calming device using the social pressure to inculcate the habit of driving within the speed limit.

The growing popularity of Radar Speed Signs and its recent application on Route 59:

It's no denial of the fact that Radar Speed Signs have been commonly seen around especially the accident prone areas or places where there is heavy traffic flow. Recently the radar speed signs were mounted on Route 59.These signs will remind the motorist about the speed limit that needs to be followed on this route.

Objective of Speed Display Sign placement:

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (Penn DOT) recently placed the speed display signs with an aim to:

  • Curb down the speed of the motorist
  • Curbing aggressive driving
  • Intimating the motorist about the speed limit that needs t be followed on this route
  • Management of traffic
  • Avoid any kind of mishaps on the route

The sign faces the westbound traffic and in order to determine the speed of incoming traffic, these radar speed signs have been installed. The speed limit defined for this area 45 miles per hour. The radar speed has been mounted in the east direction of intersection of Route 59 and Route 646. The signs will be here for 2 weeks after which it will be shifted to the west direction.

The sole purpose of introducing radar speed sign is to curb the aggressive driving behavior of the motorist responsible for many accidents on the famous route.

How these signs help in curbing overspeeding:

The radar speed signs have been found to be very effective for controlling the over speeding issue, they intimate the drivers in advance about the speed limit of the area. Also, it alerts the driver about the speed of approaching vehicle. But the most important factor making the driver feedback signs successful is the social pressure that these signs enforce. Since the signs are displayed and visible to the public and in case the driver or motorists saw overspeeding, it gets noticed immediately. Thus, speed signs play a role of moral inspection to avoid the overspending issues. Apart from this it regularly gives the information to the driver about the speed of their vehicle and hence proving to be a  good driver feedback sign.

Our Role:

Photonplay has gained expertise in manufacturing speed signs using the best technology. Not only our manufactured radar speed signs are well developed but make use of best technology which helps in speed detection and displays with minimum time lag. Moreover, these signs are weatherproof, visible from a long distance, vandal free and cost –effective. Our designed Radar speed signs demand lesser maintenance and hence are very easy to use and maintain. If you wish to know more about it get in touch with us today.

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