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Radar Speed Limit Signs Reach To School Zones

Radar Speed Limit Signs Reach To School Zones

November 20, 2020 06:55

Every year, around 100 children are killed in the US on their way to school and somewhere around 21000 students are injured in accidents in a school zone. One of the prime reasons for this is speeding of vehicles. What's more unfortunate is that only 2/3rd of drivers exceed the speed limit defined by the zone they are passing by. The figures are dismal and show gloomy picture of how over speeding can result in loss of innocent lives.

Road safety near the school and its vicinity are of prime concern especially with so many vehicles flooding the road every day, it becomes very important to manage this traffic. The management of this traffic with only manual effort is impossible but thanks to the advent of modern technology we now have modern tools and devices which have simplified our work. One of the most prominently used signage near schools is Radar Speed Signs. These signs are known for its effectiveness.

What are Radar Speed Signs?

Radar Speed Signs are digitized signings which are used to display the vehicle’s speed as they approach. The objective behind installing these signings is to make the driver aware of the speed and slowdown in case they are over speeding or exceeding the speed limit. They are popularly known as traffic calming device.

Radar speed signs are known by many names like:

  • Traffic calming device
  • Driver feedback signs
  • Dynamic message signs
  • VMS signs

They serve as a good substitute to the age-old traffic calming methods like speed humps, speed tables, speed cushion etc. not only these devices smaller in size and occupy lesser space but their customized designs add to the aesthetic value of the space.

Application of Radar Speed Signs:

  • The prime application of this traffic calming devices is seen in a school zone, especially as a part of safety programs of schools.
  • They are also places in the construction zone where speed of the vehicle has to be restricted.
  • Busy residential roads where there is huge traffic flow on the road and probability of road mishaps is more because of over speeding vehicles.
  • Many colleges and universities also make use of radar speed signs to slow down the traffic.
  • Many plants are using this dynamic signage to monitor forklifts and different types of trucks.

 How do Radar Speed Signs ensure limiting the speed of the drivers?

These signs shows the speed of the approaching vehicle and the speed limit of every zone is defined by the local authorities, for example, the speed limit of a particular area is 20mph and the speed of the approaching vehicle is 30 mph, the driver gets an intimation about his over speeding and he/she can lower the speed of vehicle . This ensures restricting the speed of the vehicle and hence, reducing the chances of road accidents.

Key feature of Radar Speed Signs:

  • Easy to use
  • Highly customizable
  • Visibility from a long distance
  • The numbers can be replaced with pictograms
  • Smaller in size and hence, occupy lesser space
  • Cost-effective
  • Vandal free
  • Weather-proof
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Are also available in solar power enabled models

Our Role:

There are a number of companies who manufacture radar speed signs but PhotonplayInc is a bit different, here we deliver the product as per customer requirement. Manufacturing as per customer specification is our area of expertise which has made us gain laurels from the both local and outstation clients. Our in-house R&D team ensures that every product manufactured under the umbrella of PotonplayInc is an emblem of safety, superior quality, and long-term usage. To know more about our range of radar speed signs and other allied products you can connect with us via email or call.

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