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Progress Outline At The Old Greenwich Train Station

Progress Outline At The Old Greenwich Train Station

November 20, 2020 06:55

The Old Greenwich project

The department responsible for transportation is taking steps in improvisation of roads and railway stations. In this context Metro-North Railway Link No. 03948R and Link No. 03955R in the Town of Greenwich are to be upgrade.

This Venture consists of four different sites:

  1. Recovery of Link No. 03948R of sound beach– The current bridge superstructure will be destroyed and a new bridge designed in its position. The new bridge will result in the reduction of the concrete/steel connect from the centre of sound beach.
  2. Recovery of Link No. 03955R over Tomac Avenue – The current bridge superstructure will be destroyed and a new bridge designed in its position. Tomac Avenue will be restriped and a new 4' street will be designed under the western side of the bridge.
  3. Railway Place Developments – The station systems will be extended from the current 6-car length to provide 10-car traveler running. Developments to the systems include new energy-efficient illumination; three surrounded housing, twenty-seven 4-person seats, and six trash/recycling containers, and new tangible stairways and fences.
  4. South Commuter Parking Lot – The reduced and higher vehicle parking plenty will be extended from the current 99 areas to 220 areas.

Why barrier are important for the project

People who use old Greenwich station for the sole purpose of transportation thinks that barrier are unsafe for the pedestrians. This causes major issue between authorities and the common people. Both of the parties are standing on their opinion regarding barrier. Barrier is important for this project as it will safeguard people from the central structure of the station. With barrier it may be difficult for people to walk with it but it is highly safe as it improves safety of the project.

What will the last decision come after meeting?

A meeting was conducted between authorities and resident of area. Residents drew attention of authorities regarding misconnects of the project. This project is highly confusing, the website itself doesn’t provide complete information about it, and therefore people who are responsible citizen of the county want suitable answer of this question. With this meeting people came to know about the situation of the project, this old Greenwich project is nearly 90 percent complete and within few time it will be open for the general use of people. The number of people who are facing difficulties through this project are high in number barrier use in this project are increasing their trouble. Therefore they are demanding for the removal of these barriers but authorities specify that these barriers are use to safeguard pedestrians from the central structure of the building. This may be creating trouble for now in terms of creating traffic and walking problems but it highly safe. A compromising state came in this meeting where the traffic speed near the place will came down for the sake good for all.

Why they want to place radar speed sign?

The radar speed sign is use over this project drag attention of the residents too. They ask this question in meeting with authorities. Authorities specify that this sign is due to limit the speed of person. The speed limit of the place is 25 mph therefore with the help of radar speed sign one can know their current speed as your speed sign and the speed limit of the place.

Other importance of radar speed sign

Radar signs are basically traffic calming device, it notifies the driver of the vehicle to slow down by alerting it. It is also known as driver feedback sign, display screen signs and your speed sign. These radar speed signs are used near the towns, cities, school zones, parks, churches and other places where traffic speed must not increase for the safety of others.  Through notification of speed radar speed signs the speed of vehicle reduces up to 80 percent while in general it is decrease up to only 10-20 percent.

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