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Portable Radar Speed Overview

Portable Radar Speed Overview

November 20, 2020 06:55

About portable speed signs:

The radar speed signs are designed to control traffic rules. They are mounted on the roadsides, and control speed limits by measuring the speed of vehicles and displaying them on LED screens, and letting them know if they are breaking the speed limit or not. They also record footages of those cars which were violating the speed limit of the area. Thus, they are basically the digital version of the speed limit boards of the early days, and are gaining huge popularity as effective modes of controlling traffic safety.

The portable radar speed signs are a particular type of radar speed signs. Along with all features of radar signs in general, they also have an added feature which distinguishes them from the other types- they can be ported from one place to another. Thus, from one road to another, or from one area to another- these radar sign systems can be shifted as and when needed! Other than portability, portable speed signs have the following other features:

  • Can be solar powered too, hence beneficial for areas without power supply.
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Can work in any weather or climatic condition.
  • Robust, durable and reliable.
  • Pixel pitch of screens can be controlled and adjusted.
  • Continuous connection with the central command.
  • Calculates speed of vehicles and records footages in real time.

Benefits of portable radar:

Usage of portable radar signs are soon gaining momentum, owing to its numerous benefits pertaining to road safety. The following are its benefits:

  • Easily portable from one place to another.
  • Often solar-powered, thus highly beneficial for areas with no other modes of power supply except solar radiation.
  • Can work in all weather conditions.
  • The instantaneous results of driver feedback sign and variable message signs provide enough strict monitoring for vehicles violating speed limit regulations of an area.
  • Has high-resolution camera to record live footages of vehicles who do not slow down and thus, violate traffic norms.
  • Useful for controlling roads during peak hours of traffic.
  • Ensures safety of pedestrians too, by controlling speeds of the cars on roads.

Areas where portable radar is highly beneficial:

Portable speed radar signs are extremely useful as a traffic safety tool, and can be used anywhere where traffic control is necessary. They seem to be useful in these places:

  • Highways and bridges: Flyovers and highways seem to be the areas which are most prone to violation of speed limits. Portable RSS can be extremely useful here.
  • Places during special events: Cities and towns become the most crowded during special occasions and festivals. And controlling road traffic is an extremely difficult task for the traffic authorities in these situations. Portable radar can be useful in controlling over-speeding of cars on roads, through Mobile VMS and by displaying vehicle speeds- that way, pedestrian safety is greatly ensured, given that numerous people are found on roads during festivals.
  • Main roads: Main roads have huge traffic almost all throughout the year, and at all times. Thus, streamlining the vehicles to run within the permissible speed limit is crucial, and portable radar signs can be used here.
  • Specific localities: Educational institutions, places of tourist interest, places of administrative importance, corporate buildings and industries- all these areas need strict monitoring of vehicle speeds. Thus, portable radar signs can be used here too.

Regulation of Portable RSS:

The portable radar speed signs are highly customizable in accordance to the needs of the clients. They are also in constant touch with the central command everyday and every minute- thus, authorities can get regular updates from them. The pixel pitch of the screen is also adjustable to suit client needs. Thus, portable RSS can be easily regulated by clients.

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