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Pennsylvania Department Of Transportation Revealed That Gulich Township Would Get New Radar Speed Signs

Pennsylvania Department Of Transportation Revealed That Gulich Township Would Get New Radar Speed Signs

November 20, 2020 06:55

PennDOT or Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has been rendering its services to the citizens since 1911. The department designs policies and procedures that affect highway, airports, railways , urban and rural public transportation system .  Near about 40,00 miles of highway and 25,000 bridges directly falls under the jurisdiction of PennDot. The department has employed around 12,000 employees for the maintenance, expansion, and restoration of the state highway system. It also caters to the administration of 11 million vehicle registrations, 8.8 million driver’s license and safety inspection.

Ensuring road safety and security is of prime concern for PennDot , also implementing some of the popular methods of traffic control for seamless functioning of traffic is also the duty of PennDot. The department has been arduously working in the same direction. It has also introduced new methods of traffic calming and traffic control which have initiated new developments under traffic management.

The latest addition was installing of radar speed signs.

The news :

The Gulich Township of Pennsylvania will have new radar speed signs now visible on the roads. The step has been initiated by Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. There have been reports of several cases of aggressive driving, overspeeding, and fatalities that motivated Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to initiate installation of radar speed signs. Aggressive driving was the cause of 50% of accidents in Pennsylvania.

The speed limit for Route 253 has been set at 45 miles per hour. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has placed a radar speed sign  at the intersection of Durbin Street and  Route 253 . The sign has been placed to control overspeeding .

The radar speed sign faces northbound traffic; the signage uses the radar to analyze the speed of the approaching vehicle which is then reflected on the speed sign. Initially, the PennDot authorities will keep the radar speed sign for 4 weeks after which the necessary action will be taken.

Such a stringent and smart method to control traffic is a must not only for PennDot but other parts of the nation who are still behind in their traffic management.

Radar Speed Signs have a proven track record of being an excellent traffic calming device and is a blend of athletics and technology.

What are Radar Speed Signs ?

A lot has been said about the application of radar speed signs but what are they? They nothing but digitally enabled display signs which operate using radar signals. Using radar they are able to reflect the speed of the approaching vehicle and at the same time they also define the speed limit of the area.

Benefits of using Radar Speed Signs: 

  • Excellent traffic calming device
  • Display the speed of approaching vehicle with no time lag
  • Have proven to be able to reduce the speed of the speeders.
  • Highly customizable
  • Have aesthetic sense
  • Low maintenance
  • Energy efficient
  • And most importantly they are highly cost-effective.

Their increasing application is a clear indication of their ability to calm the road traffic and reduce the problem of overspeeding.

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