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Ontario Exposed New Accessible Double-Decker Go Buses

Ontario Exposed New Accessible Double-Decker Go Buses

November 20, 2020 06:55

The new buses have hit the town of Ontario. The new double decker bus by Metrolinx was much awaited by people of Ontario. The fully accessible, low-floor, low-height double-decker GO buses started rolling on the roads of Ontario from July 25, 2016, and since then it has become a popular name amongst the people. The local commuters of the bus are finding it convenient, comfortable solution to their daily traveling needs.

The GO transit will connect four major terminals, this will be the first time, the double-decker buses will be serving Hamilton, Yorkdale, York Mills and the Union Station Bus Terminal, earlier the restriction was due to height restriction but with new Metrolinx double-decker GO buses , the height issue has been resolved and now people can easily enjoy the trip of double decker bus.

As per reports, initially, Metrolinx will have 253 double decker bus hitting the road which later will be increased after the need analysis. The double-decker buses are also popular owing to the installation of modern technologies like bus destination display system which will help passenger know about the arriving station and bus stops.

This move is seen as a measure to help the economy

Ontario has planned to invest around $160 billion in the coming 12 years on public infrastructure . It is believed that such an investment will give rise to new projects eventually opening new avenues of job opportunities for people. The number of job opportunities which is expected as a result of such an initiative is around 110,000 which will indirectly affect the economy of the city.

Key features

  • The new set of buses have lower floors, longer entrance ramps and has a provision of a wide area for wheeled mobility and automated display like bus destination signs and other display technology.
  • The expected number of buses that will be seen surfing the road will be around 253 in the next 4 years.
  • The current move to introduce double-decker bus will increase the fleet up to 75% in the next 4 years. Currently, only 25% of GO bus services is by a double decker.
  • The new buses will have a seating capacity of 81 as compared to its predecessors which have only 55 seats and that too in single-level buses.
  • The move by Ontario is expected to create around 110,000 job opportunities in the coming times.

The new buses that are being introduced anywhere are making use of modern technologies. The use of bus destination display systems has become an integral part of modern buses. It not only helps in improving the information and management of bus route but at the same time it ensures that passengers are well-informed about the coming bus stops, arrival and departures time as well as the bus route which eventually ensures the safety and security of passengers.The modern display systems work in real time and hence are a must in buses. The GO buses will be making use bus destination display signs and it happens to be the most striking feature these buses.

Many companies are now jumping in the pool of manufacturing bus destination display signages and one of them being Photonplay.

Our Role:

Photonplay Inc is not a new name , we have our roots in the use of modern technology to deliver avant-garde products. Our display signs are used by many companies as a part of their bus fleet , railway stations, railway platforms, and airports. Not only this we deliver products to all the places where there is a need of a  good information display system.

Key features of our products:

  • Clear visibility
  • Real-time information display
  • Single color to multi-color display
  • Weather-proof
  • Energy efficient
  • Cost-effective

To know more about our products get connected with us today.

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