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North Hempstead To Add Radar Speed Signs To Town & Village Roads

North Hempstead To Add Radar Speed Signs To Town & Village Roads

November 20, 2020 06:55

The number of people getting killed in road accidents is actually increasing year by year. Reckless driving is something that people find exhilarating, especially the young people. Traffic is not the biggest reason for road accidents but people not putting enough precautions is. This is why North Hempstead of Nassau County, New York is taking every step to ensure that its citizens don’t meet their death due to rash driving.

In order to do this, they have already gone ahead and decided to buy around 20 speed signs which will help the citizens to caution beforehand. Also, known as radar speed signs, not many people are aware of what it does.

A radar sign does the simple job of warning the motorists to slow down if they are driving above the speed limit or at an extremely high speed for no reason. The speed sign has a series of LEDs which serve as an interactive measure to give a heads up to the approaching motorists. Among the many other traffic calming devices like speed bumps, speed tables, speed humps and even speed cushions, this one is a device that is definitely going to be a great measure to ensure that people get the message and drive safely on the road.

Among the many names that have been used to describe this device, there are radar feedback sign and driver feedback signs.

Coming back to North Hempstead and its decision to purchase more speed signs, it will be getting a great help from the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services. A grant of around $65,000 has already been sanctioned and this will help the authorities of North Hempstead to actually promote safe driving habits.

All said and done, the authorities have already started looking for places that would be the best point to install these devices. They are looking for places in the villages as well. The town of North Hempstead has been working on improving the condition of its traffic since last year as it purchased around 29 speed signs along with two trailers with the $100,000 grant that it received.

North Hempstead may be installing the speed signs at different locations but speed signs are not just meant for the road. The most useful place to put a speed sign is in school zones. This goes with the road safety guidelines as unsafe driving near a school could be catastrophic. Moreover, speed signs are also useful on roads where construction is going on or residential roads that are busy. Not only this, university campuses also have speed signs to slow down the students who are driving at unsafe speeds.

North Hempstead is taking a good initiative by installing the speed signs because it has been already noted that these signs have actually helped in slowing down traffic on the road.

Speed signs are manufactured by many company but Photoplayinc gives the guarantee of speed signs that will never show a glitch. Photonplayinc is known all around the world for its speed signs because it has been manufacturing them for the modern day traffic. Moreover, it will ensure that the traffic gets smoother and the boards are visible to drivers at far-off distances as well. Thanks to the radar speed signs, the drivers will slow down their vehicles before things can go awry and anyone dies.

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