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New Smart Parking Sensor Pilot

New Smart Parking Sensor Pilot

November 20, 2020 06:55

Outdoor Parking Sensors

Parking sensors are used to find an efficient and convenient parking space. These are installed in the ground of each parking space. They use radar-based technology to sense whether a vehicle is present in that space or not. The sensor sends information to display solar powered variable messages signs that direct the driver to available parking spaces. These sensors are easy to install and long lasting. The outdoor parking sensors communicate wirelessly by sending a signal to the terminal, to inform driver’s existence available parking. The Sensors guide either through a smartphone app or dynamic panels placed on the city streets.

There are lots of benefits of outdoor parking sensors. The feature of this parking solution is that it requires no wiring or repeaters and gives real-time information about every parking space in the street of the city through mobile VMS sign and websites. This smart parking tool will reduce the time required to find the parking space and also the pollution caused by it. One of the best use of the parking solution is it increases safety on the road. Because the solution reduces accident as they reduce the stress of being on traffic jam.

Narrowband Communications Technology

Q-Free has launched new smart outdoor parking sensors that communicate real-time information by using narrowband communication technology. An outdoor parking sensor is a small unit that is easy to install under the ground of each parking space. These sensors collect all the data and then send the information regarding parking space availability using narrowband communication.

What is Parking Sensor

Parking sensors are used to alert the driver while parking his/her vehicle. They are fitted on the bumper of a car. The sensors detect objects in front and back of a car while parking and provide alerts if objects are detected nearby. These equipment use electromagnetic or ultrasonic sensors to measure the distances to a nearby vehicle. The ultrasonic sensors are located on the front and back bumpers of the car. These sensors come into action when you select a reverse gear or drive up to something slowly. The parking sensors are useful while parking in a crowded or narrow area as they give the correct idea of the space available for parking.

The front sensor is capable of detecting objects up to four feet and the back sensors are capable of detecting vehicles up to eight feet. During parking, the sensor gives out a beeping sound that indicates you are closer to any other object. You hear low or high continuous beep, both having different meaning. The high-toned beep means the object are detected near the front bumper. And the low beep indicates that object is detected near by the rear bumper. In some vehicles, the variable message signs (VMS) manufacturer incorporates a display which indicates how closer you get to something by going from yellow to red.

Smart and Easy Parking

Searching for available parking space leads to increased congestion and pollution in the city. One can also get frustrated of not getting to an important meeting, doctor’s appointment etc., due to non-availability of parking space nearby. The parking solution offers information on available space to the driver through websites, mobile VMS sign, and vehicle information system etc. The new smart parking sensors are helpful for drivers to plan their journey and drive directly to an available parking space. These smart parking tools provide a clear picture of available parking space and how long every parking space has been occupied for. The solutions not only support parking services but also support traffic management to make your city smart, innovative and easy to navigate.

New Opportunities – NB IoT

Smart cities need to integrate the necessary technology into their current infrastructure. Power supply, maintenance, changing the battery is always an issue. Hence, narrow band internet of things is an appropriate technology because outdoor parking sensors need to connect at a lower cost. Outdoor parking sensors use narrowband IoT communication to send information to the end user through solar powered variable message signs, websites, and various smartphone applications etc. In future, all the parking space in many smart cities is going to have fully functional parking space connected using narrowband IoT with minimal cost and maximum accuracy.

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