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Need Of Portable Variable Message Signs Around The World

Need Of Portable Variable Message Signs Around The World

November 20, 2020 06:55

Traffic control has become easier thanks to the use of variable message signs around the world. Everyone driving through the highway has definitely seen a portable variable message sign. They have become one of the crucial elements in managing traffic. Although, they are yet to be used for its complete potential, every state or country has stressed on its importance and this is evident with the increase in number of portable variable message signs.

Also, known as variable message signs or dynamic message signs, a variable message sign is an electronic device that is installed on various important checkpoints of the road in order to display important information. These are used to relay information about the traffic condition which includes speed limit, accidents, repair work, traffic congestion, etc. This ensures that travellers or commuters get a heads up and change their course before being stuck in a long line of vehicles. Moreover, these signs help the commuters and travellers find an alternative route as well.

What is a portable variable message sign?

Recent addition to the series of variable message signs is the portable variable message signs. As the name suggests, these signs are portable and can be moved from one place to another if the need arises. They are mounted on a trailer and will be powered with solar energy or an in-built battery.

The way they work is relatively simple as it comes with a closed electrical system. this system allows them to function throughout the year. It has LEDs which are grouped in various configurations to display every information as precisely and accurately as possible. The portable variable message signs are fitted with SIM cards and even a GPS tracking system so that information can be communicated to the travellers via the main centre. Any web-based application can be used to ensure that the people get the right message in time to avoid any unfortunate event.

Portable message signs across the globe

Countries like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the European Union has fixed baselines along which they are defining the design and manufacture of the portable variable message signs. These baselines are useful for the companies which manufacture the PVMS as it gives them an idea as to what the customers are looking for and also ensure that the product lasts for a longer time.

The PVMS are being integrated with an intelligent transport system which ensures that the device can quickly report and display message about an accident or other road construction taking place. This is happening in USA, Canada and Australia. The adoption of PVMS or radar speed limit signs is helping these countries regulate traffic properly and also ensure that no accidents take place.

PVMS in India

Unfortunately, India is yet to see PVMS on its roads but one cannot deny importance and need on the roads of India. A world-class infrastructure is essential for Indian roads to grow and become safer for people. The government has done a lot in order to build better road networks like the expressways which connect two cities, but the number of road accidents due to traffic, congestion and weather is still high.

In such a case, a good PVMS will play a pivotal role in ensuring that the roads become safer for the Indian population.

There are many companies which are manufacturing world class portable variable message signs and one of them is PhotonPlayInc. They know exactly what the customer wants and manufacture the most accurate PVMS for their customers. So, if you are planning to order a few PVMS for your town, district or even county, then this company is perfect for the job.

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