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MARTA To Install New Bus Transit Signs

MARTA To Install New Bus Transit Signs

November 20, 2020 06:55

Improvisation of the transit system is not new; however, improvising it with technologically advanced products is the recent trend that seems to be making headlines these days. One such news came with MARTA or Metropolitan Atlanta Transit Authority deciding to replace its bus transit signs and speakers. The decision was much needed. Being one of the most popular transit line having maximum ridership, the induction of new bus transit signs and speakers will definitely help the commuters travelling via MARTA.

Let's have a quick run-through on Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority :

MARTA has a long history of serving more than 550,000 passengers a day . The company ventured in 1971 and since then it has created a benchmark of comfortable and efficient transit system development. This is the 9th largest transit system spread in the US. MARTA provides the bus and rail transit to the Atlanta metropolitan areas. It has around 700 buses covering 125 bus routes. The rapid rail system of MARTA covers 47.6 miles and 38 railways stations which are located on four service lines. Here is the bifurcation of the service lines on which MARTA operates:

  • Red Line(before October 2009 it was called the North-South Line),
  • Gold Line (earlier known as Northeast-South Line),
  • Blue Line (formerly known as East-West Line),
  • and the Green Line (earlier known as Proctor Creek Line)

Being one of the key strength of the American transportation system, MARTA adheres to the entire standard specified by Transportation authority in the US. With special provision for the disabled people, it provides mobility services for the disabled people. Also, MARTA has made optimal use of technologically advanced products like bus transit system and rail display system to ensure proper flow of communication so that the passengers are aware of the next bus station, railways station, arrival and departure of the bus and rail.

The new changes:

The heat of technology has hit the MARTA and they have taken a decision to replace their current bus transit signs and speakers. The prime reason for this is upgrading to the state of the art technology that helps the system work better. The decision to replace the speaker came when the authorities came to know about the problem people were facing due to or announcement system.  Hence, MARTA has decided to spend around $40 million on replacement of display signs and speakers .The new changes include the following:

  • Installation of 300 new display boards
  • Replacement of 4000 old speakers
  • Addition of 500 new speakers
  • The new transit display signs will not have the traditional black backdrop instead it will have an appearance of television which can be used for information dissemination, advertisement etc.
  • The commuters will be able to use their smartphones as breeze cards
  • The buses will be Wi-Fi enabled , this is expected to commence by end of this year

Overall this step was much awaited especially after the regular complaints about the audiovisual aid provided by MARTA.

The bus transit system, audio systems form the base of a good and effectively managed transportation system in order to prevent chaos and proper flow of information right time and right place is the basis of a successful transportation system. Hence more emphasis is being laid upon installing bus transit signs, display boards, etc.

Our Role:

Photonplay is a known name when it comes to manufacturing of bus transit signs, display boards, variable messaging signs and anything and everything associated with effective and intelligent transportation management system. We have a range of products developed as per the quality standards using the state of the art technology. If you wish to get one of these products, get in touch with us today.

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