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What is LED display VMS?

What is LED display VMS?

November 20, 2020 06:55
VMS-Signs.png VMSs are Variable Message Sings where information is displayed on a board and LED lights are used to display information and thus, comes to the name LED VMS or LED Variable Messaging Signs. These signages are digitally controlled and can be operated wirelessly. VMS gained popularity as an effective traffic management tool , depending on the type of traffic situations VMS can be used to display different pieces of information for example LED Variable Messaging Signs can be used to display traffic condition, alternate route information, guide the motorists and the drivers on the roadways, weather conditions, time, date, warnings, toll rates or any specific information. Here is the detailed description of the application of VMS:
  • Factory and Production- LED VMSs are being widely used in factories and production plant, the VMSs continuously show the accurate and updated figures, it can also be used to show comparison of yearly production etc.
  • Financial display- The LED display signs are used to display information related to stock market and up-to-the-minute information about stock and share market.
  • Scoreboards- LED Variable Messaging Signs are used in the sports arena to display score, goal, half-time etc.
  • Military Signs- They are used to update information and instantly share news and update.
  • Medical – Awareness about health and safety policies can be easily shared using this signage.
  • Reception and Welcoming- Make your entrance grand by welcoming each guest with a reception and welcoming message on VMS.
  • Offices and Call Centres – These are helpful in quickly updating the staff about any information or update, meetings etc.
  • Highways – Programmable LED VMSs can be used on highways to guide the drivers about the route or any other information related to road construction, toll booth, speed limit etc.
These are just a few examples, with the evolving time, the VMSs are also evolving and we will soon see new development in the field of LED Variable Messaging Signs. LED display signs are used in different places but what should you know before opting for the right set of a display board for yourself:
  • What kind of LED you need like, you need colour LED or monochrome LED?
  • What should be the right size of the LED display board?
  • What should be the right size of the box where all the LED placed?
  • Pricing of the board, an important point to note here is that the circuit boards are a key factor while deciding the price of the display board.
  • Number of LED in the sign board
  • How far the information is visible via VMS
It becomes extremely important that you ask these questions and see what he has to offer before finalizing the LED VMS for your requirement. Our Role:  The answer to your entire question will be answered by Photonplay. Our company has a long and golden history of manufacturing ticker tapes that are an emblem of superior quality and effective performance. We have manufactured various types; the striking feature of our developed VMS is that we customize it as per the requirement of the client. Moreover, our designed LED VMSs are made up of superior quality LED lights which ensure visibility from a longer distance; furthermore, they can be used for a longer period of time without worrying about energy consumption and high-maintenance charges. For more information on this, you can connect with us today.  

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