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Japan Enjoys Pokemon-inspired Rise While World’s Most Stocks Go Down

Japan Enjoys Pokemon-inspired Rise While World’s Most Stocks Go Down

November 20, 2020 06:55

Did we just hear you say Pokemon Go, well, you are not the only one saying that? The addictive game has taken the world in its grip. Breaking the barriers of age , Pokemon Go is enjoying whopping popularity amongst all the age group of people.  Apart from the growing popularity of this game, it has also tremendously affected the stock market of Japan. On one hand, when the stocks of many companies and nations were trying to survive, Japan saw huge gains and rose to the top slot on the stock ticker tape . The credit goes all to the addictively famous game of Pokemon Go.

Here is a look at how the stock market looked on the LED ticker tape:

Well here is what the Stock markets looked on stock ticker on July 19th, 2016,

France CAC- down by .8% and ended at 4,324.

Germany’s  DAX – went down by 1% and ended at 9,963

Britain’s FTSE 100- it also lost .2% and ended at 6

US’s  Dow -  it remains unchanged with S&P future went down by .2%

Coming to the Asian Market –

South Korea's Kospi -  shed 0.2 % and ended at 2,016.89,

Australia's S&P/ASX 200 - slipped 0.1 % to 5,451.30.

Japan's Nikkei 225 – added 1.4 percent to ended at 16,723.31

The only positive figure shining on the LED ticker tape in the stock market was Japanese Nikkei.

The analysts have associated the positive influx with the rising popularity of Pokemon Go .

What do the investors have to say about the global stock market ?

The analysts strongly believe that such slew of events is expected to be witnessed in future and the traders need to assess the market with the change events.

Pokemon Pop

The game has helped the stock figures of Nintendo Co.surged another 14.  Despite having no direct impact the Pokemon go has helped Nikkie mark a 14% high , probably because it raised the trust of investors in the Japanese stock. Nintendo stock market has doubled since the time the Pokemon Go was launched on July 6th, 2016. The future of Japanese stocks look bright and the stock ticker proved it absolutely right.

The world is witnessing change every day and stock market being dynamic in nature is strongly affected by the smallest of change that happens in the market. Japanese game Pokemon Go helped the Nikkei index gain profit when the other popular and strong stock markets were stifling to gasp a breath of profit. The 19th July day saw only Nikkei index rise along with few corporate earning like Jhonson & Jhonson, Novartis etc. while the other were in somewhere down below fighting the battle of who will drop least. Hence the investors and traders need to analyze the slightest of change.

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