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Importance Of Radar Speed Sign In School Zones

Importance Of Radar Speed Sign In School Zones

November 20, 2020 06:55
portable_speed_sign.jpg Safety and security are two major areas drawing the attention of many. The topic is a buzz in the market and so is the need for a modern security system. Radar Speed Signs have become a good choice for school authorities to ensure the safety of children around school vicinity. Prime reason or this is the ability of these speed sign to assess the speed and intimating the drivers about the speed limit. What are Radar Speed Signs? These are interactive signage which displays information about the speed of the approaching vehicle. They are the highly effective tool I alarming the drivers about the speed of the approaching vehicle. They are a good replacement for the traditional speed bumps or traffic calming device .Radar Speed Signs works on the principle of Doppler Effect. Why is Radar Speed Sign important near the school? Schools are the most sensitive areas and more prone to accidents hence, there is always a requirement for a device or a tool which could prevent such mishaps or warns the students beforehand about the approaching vehicle and at the same time alerts the driver about the speed limit. The radar LED displays influence the diver’s behavior by displaying their speed as well as by showing them the speed limit that needs to be maintained in that area. It has been observed that radar speed signs have helped in reducing speed by 15- 18 % . The radar Speed Signs can be customized and the speed can be displayed in a various format like colors, pictures of children, smileys, this not only makes it look more attractive but at the same time generates awareness amongst the drivers. How does it work? The radar Speed signs have a proven track record of effectiveness:
  • It gives feedback to the driver about their speed
  • Social control, since other people can observe the drivers speed I indirectly make them lower down their speed in case they are increasing it.
  • The speed signs educate the people about the speed limit and awareness about the speed of approaching vehicle hence; have a higher acceptance amongst people.
  • Obviously, they add to the beauty of the place and don’t occupy space on the road and hence, they are a good traffic control device.
The crux of the matter is that these speed display signs are a good and effective way to visibly increase the safety of schools, playschools, crosswalks etc. Key features of Radar Speed Signs: The Radar Speed Signs have been developed in a manner that they are highly effective and work efficiently. Here is the list of features of a good and sagacious Radar Speed Signs:
  • Robust design
  • Customizable
  • Works in sync with real-time
  • Displays speed of approaching vehicle with minimum time lag
  • Low maintenance
  • Affordable
  • Doesn’t occupies much space
  • The information displayed can be in the form of numbers, pictures, smileys which make it more alluring and grab the attention of drivers.
Next time you decide to buy one of the radar speed signs makes sure to prepare a checklist of features mentioned above. Our Role: There are many companies in the market that will offer you a range of radar speed signs but when it comes to selecting the best for your requirement, Photonplay is the company that you can vouch on. We have different variants of radar speed signs that will match your requirement perfectly. Moreover, we make use of state of the art technology which makes them stand tall in the league of other competitive products. If you wish to know more about our products, you can connect with us over mail or call.

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