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Implementation Of Navcanatm Tech By Hong Kong

Implementation Of Navcanatm Tech By Hong Kong

November 20, 2020 06:55

Easy ways to ensure safety in airspace

It is very important to control speed of motorist and so there are different devices that can help to control theirspeed. One such is radar detector where the name itself stands for radio detection and ranging. Airplane which is flying through thick fog will be able to detect about things coming on way through such detectors. In airplane radar works as torch which will help to make things visible. In such things radar bean is been transmitted waiting for reflection bean which is coming from nearby objects. Radar speed signs can help to gives eye to blind and thus help to reduce accidents.

Air traffic controlling system keeps data of aircraft that is been controlled. These systems work on radar which will help to keep data in best which can help controllers. Radar is being used to manage information of each aircraft and also with image. There are different codes been used by radar that will ask question and even reply according to radar sign. These type of radar sign will offer service on ground and even airspace.

Features of NAVCANatm technology

ATSDMS can work best with NAVCANatm as here it can help controllers to manage data online without paper. It will indirectly help to reduce manual work and give accurate result. Moreover, easy way to control data by controllers can also help them to be more productive and also reduce workload. It has recording function where screenshot is being captured. These screenshots can be used later for different analysis. It can make easy to control air traffic with help of such innovative technology.

  • These technology is flexible enough and so it can work according to customer’s requirements and use.
  • It has single display where complete information regarding safety is easily displayed.
  • It has audio and even video alert system where notification is being received to the respective controller. It will help to take immediate actions.
  • It can display different static pages which can contain maps and even procedures which will be used by controllers.

It is very common to have accidents today and it is not always motorist who goes wrong. There are scenarios when there is real-time traffic or any other such events have interrupted road and in such situation it is very important to inform car drivers regarding it. One of the easiest way that can help to update drivers is through VMS(Variable Message Sign). The reason to use such sign board is to update drivers so that they can control their vehicle and reduce chances of accidents. It will also help to alert driver and so that they could be mentally prepared for coming traffic. Thus in such scenario opting for VMs can help out. Dynamic message sign can show information according to event held and thus drivers can know exactly about situation.

Benefits of ATSDMS

ATSDMS which is build using CAD can help to get network which works as backbone as communication system can be designed on basis of such system. CAD is working in different sections like planning along with co-ordination which is very important in air traffic system. It also works on other important factors like radar and navigational aids which will indirectly help to ensure complete safety. It can work in such way that actual demand can be fulfilled and at same time aviation policy is been followed in right way.

Today there is needed to use technology in such way that one can ensure complete security and safety. Mobile VMS is one such technology that has given many gifts like mobile CCTV, mobile sensors and many more. All these equipment’s work on latest software that can make sure one is really benefitted with it. It is very important to use such sign for roads so that it can reduce accidents and at same time help driver to control speed of vehicle while going further.

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