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i Traffic Gives Cape Town Road Users Access To Real-Time Traffic Info

i Traffic Gives Cape Town Road Users Access To Real-Time Traffic Info

November 20, 2020 06:55

Sometimes, the apparent reason for the extra traffic on the road is due to people ignoring the obvious traffic signs. But, thanks to i-traffic, one can know all about the live traffic, commuter service information, and the transit planning online. South Africa has a website devoted to the same purpose which can be accessed by the general public. Anyone can visit the i-traffic.co.za site for live traffic feeds and plan their journey accordingly.

The reason behind the launch of i-traffic is to develop the national road network of South Africa which is around 16,170 km long. This requires that the government of the country along with statutory organizations like South African National Roads Agency SOC Ltd (SANRAL) to maintain the traffic of the road and help make the driving experience of people smooth and convenient.

Variable message signs or VMS are not only exclusive to airports today. They have become a part of many public places where the travellers need to be updated with information on a regular basis. Now, the one thing which is important for the smooth functioning of the i-traffic function on the road is the CCTV camera. They are installed at every major turn on the road and it helps in collecting information regarding congestion and other such problems.

CCTV cameras will help in getting the accurate message to the i-traffic centres and this will help in the authorities being vigilant on any traffic congestion or other problem. The cameras will also be perennial in giving the reports of traffic and the authorities will then be able to variable message signs to help the traffic police to take further action to prevent any road accidents and also help the motorists and other travellers by giving them an alternate route.

Not only this, the variable message signs or the city traffic control signs will help the motorists and other people in getting real time information on any other event that might affect their journey. This could be any road work, accident or weather adversaries which might affect their journey. This will help the travellers to get avoid any delay in reaching their destinations. The dynamic message signs or the warning signs will be the ones that are updated in seconds to alert the travellers about any impending road accidents or any other such problems. This will prevent any hazardous accident on the road.

City traffic control signs are something that people should know how to read. They are erected at the sides of the road or above in such a manner that they are easily visible to the people. The most common of these traffic signs are of course the lane control signs. Lanes are narrow and these are the one place which needs caution. The lane control signs are the ones that warn the travellers of any incoming big vehicle in the lane.

Photonplayinc is one such company that give the best quality traffic signs. They give traffic signs in varied form and most of the signs that you come across on the road are manufactured by this company. They know the importance of a traffic sign and manufacture quality pertaining to that itself. Moreover, they give complete directions to the travellers so that they are aware of the clarity of the road.

With the great products, it has become even more easy to regulate traffic in South Africa and the entire purpose of i-traffic is also fulfilled.

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