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November 20, 2020 06:55

The number of lives radar speed signs have helped save in the past few years is commendable. Every county, country and city is using radar speed signs for road safety. They not only help in ensuring that the flow of the traffic is regulated but also ensure that every driver is informed about any accident or construction work going on the upcoming route.

So, it is safe to say that message signs have helped save a lot of life around the globe. If you still not have started using radar speed signs, then you are missing out on great technology.

New Radar Speed Signs And Their Features

Everyone is aware of how amazing a radar speed or dynamic message sign is. It helps in traffic management as well. The new types of radar speed signs and the trailers on which it will be mounted are going to be unveiled soon and their features give another definition to the simple radar speed signs.

The new type of radar speed sign will allow its users to display two lines of text, graphic or any kind of animation. All of this can be easily customized which means that it can be updated according to your will and time. in addition to these displaying feature, there would be extra 18” of digits which will display the speed of the vehicle as well. The latter feature, although old, will now be shown in a larger font which means people who were not careful about the speed limit will have to pay special attention.

The larger font has been introduced to ensure that vehicles which are moving at a fast speed do not give the excuse of not seeing the vehicle speed limit when they are stopped by the traffic police. The size of the larger font will also be in accordance with the traffic guidelines that every sign should be of at least 12”.

A Trailer For Easy Mobility

Earlier, you used to mount the radar speed sign on a simple pole and it was tough to move it around. But, you can now bid adieu to that problem as the new trailers for the radar speed signs will help you move them around easily.

The trailer is simple to operate and it comes with an adjustable crank which will help you lower or raise the radar speed sign according to your wish. For roads that see a lot of trucks and other heavy vehicles, raising the crank is a good option. On the other hand, if you to mount the trailer in a small colony or busy school or college road then you can lower the crank.

Another amazing feature of this trailer is that it allows you to rotate the radar speed sign in any direction you want. This feature is necessary in windy places where keeping the radar speed sign in the direction of oncoming drivers is a difficult task.

With these new innovations in radar speed sign and other trailers, it will be easier to ensure that more people pay attention to the speed limit and other traffic rules.

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