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How To Stay Safe When Driving In The Rain

How To Stay Safe When Driving In The Rain

November 20, 2020 06:55

Rainy season is considered to be the most difficult time for the drivers especially because heavy rains lead to poor road grip and poor visibility. People usually prefer to avoid driving in rain but with the advent of modern technologies and new methods of traffic management, it has become a bit easier for people to drive during such periods. The variable messaging signs and radar speed signs are proving to very helpful in the management of traffic. Not only these digital signs are helpful for the authorities to manage traffic but at the same time, it has proven to be helpful for the drivers by acquainting them with the speed of the approaching vehicle, their speed limit, weather conditions and traffic conditions etc.

What causes more accidents during rain?

  • It makes road more slippery

The roads are in their most slippery stage when it rains first. When the roads get wet in the rain at first, oil rises to the surface and it creates a greasy surface which curtails the grip of the wheel on the road and your vehicle might collapse due to poor friction.

  • Poor Visibility

When the rain water gets combined with the dirt in the air or on the road and falls on the cars, windshields while cleaning it up might also become dirty resulting in poor visibility for the driver. Moreover, if the rain is pouring heavily it might also reduce the visibility of the drivers.

The rise of modern the technologies to manage traffic:

The upsurge of new technologies like variable messaging signs, radar speed display, dynamic messaging signs etc. have proved to be a panacea for traffic problems. They have streamlined the flow of traffic and are a great help to reduce the number of mishaps that occurs on the road.

How do Variable Messaging Signs and Radar Speed Signs help the drivers in the rain?

As discussed above the rainy seasons makes driving more precarious and hence, the application of intelligent traffic management system is much needed. However, with the emergence of devices like variable message signs or VMS and radar speed signs have to a great extent help reduce the road mishaps

Variable Messaging Signs – They are digitally designed displays which provide real-time information about the road network and conditions to the driver. This further helps in making the correct route choice and at the same time, it helps in reducing road congestion.  In rainy season when most of the time driving is solely based on guessing, these dynamic missing signs have proved to be a boon. The VMS displays the information about the traffic on the road since it works on real-time, it shows the current road conditions, weather conditions and also intimates about an alternate route to the destination. Thus, these VMSs prove to be very helpful for the drivers during the rainy season. Furthermore, the VMS signs have clear visibility even from a long distance and hence they can help streamlining the traffic and reducing the chaos on the road which is quite common during rains

Coming to the second most popular method, radar speed signs, unlike its contemporary, VMSs which only tell about road conditions and route, the radar speed signs intimate the driver about the speed of the approaching vehicle, which alerts them if they are exceeding their speed limit. These signs help in reducing the average road speed and hence, reduce the probability of road accidents. This especially proves to be helpful when driving in the rainy season because rainy season demands driving at a defined speed limit.

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