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How The Traffic Light Stuck On Red

How The Traffic Light Stuck On Red

November 20, 2020 06:55

Road safety and traffic has always been a matter of concern. While road safety has not been given much importance and has always been cornered and undermined. Same has been the case with with road traffic. However, over the last few years with the advent of technology, there has been technology intervention in road traffic control signs and systems. This has not just made things automatic, but also reduced road accidents to a greater extent. Use of traffic signal systems have increased over the last few years and if we go by statistics, there has been an exponential increase in use of high tech traffic signal systems have which has in turn given reduced road accidents due to poor traffic signal system.

Improper traffic signal system not just lead to road accidents but also lead to delay due to unnecessary congestion. For instance, a traffic light failure between Faingdon and Wantage built up traffic following the failure of traffic signal system. The traffic light remained stuck on red an that's what caused the congestion. Such cases require reprogramming of traffic lights. For instance, in Washington, there cases of traffic signal failures which sought immediate reprogramming to be done to work properly. The reprogramming is done not just to improve the signal system, it also take various other factors into account. The traffic signal timing is adjusted to improve traffic flow, maximise time for pedestrian crossing.

The signals are adjusted based on the updated pedestrian data and traffic and also accommodates various other travel demands. Traffic signal systems along with being robust also have to be reliable which sounds synonymous to the Intelligent Transportation System with is imperative in traffic management. Intelligent Transportation System not just manages traffic superficially, it also provides alternative routes to come out of affected areas which is very important. This system integrates VMS or solar Variable message Signs which help in displaying any information or any message. It is all technology that is enabling these things to work in integration. Usage of these systems has shown positive results with decreasing traffic issues on roads. With the reprogramming work in line, things will improve. While Intelligent Transportation System has worked well to reduce traffic problems and congestion on road, there are various other benefits as well. Intelligent Transportation System not just help in smooth flow of traffic, but also make the work on road safe. There are various traffic control and managenent systems for smoother flow of traffic, just that the systems have to be robust and reliable. With

There are various traffic control and managenent systems for smoother flow of traffic, just that the systems have to be robust and reliable. With radar speed signs used to slow down speeding vehicles on road, the traffic management systems have become comprehensive. Radar speed signal systems have been in use from years and have shown positive effect overall. This works automatically and helps alert the driver speeding beyond the permissible limit. Moreover, there is lane control sign whih is used and can be controlled with just a message. So, managing traffic has become much easier with the advent of technology and comprehensive traffic management systems.

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