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November 20, 2020 06:55

The world of technology has been witnessing a drastic drift of varied aspects of the society to move into a smarter zone enabled with human-less efforts. Now it’s the turn for the official to think on automating the culture of traffic clearance. There have been effective results in the past few years in various fields of society to get better by the usage of the future technology. You might have already been aware of the news of driver-less automobiles. How about a cop-less junction? Interesting, isn’t it? Here’s the way how and way. The latest technology has made the official address the concern of every individual to drive vehicle in the urban. The technology based on INTERNET of THINGS derives an optimistic solution to solve the traffic jams and also the stress put in to find out a parking space. Things have been ever evolving and changing. These changes have incurred the experts drawn a solution operated with IOT which help the cars communicate with each other as the human do. The sensors installed in a vehicle are capable enough to handle the most troublesome situations in a traffic buried junction with a great ease without any human commands and directions.

Role of IOT In Traffic Management

The intelligent technology of IOT has made use of the variable message signs to make the vehicles communicate with each other. Don’t be astonished and become questionnaire to enquire about how, yet you will come to know about in the next few lines. IOT is just an abbreviation given to the interconnectivity or the internetworking of physical devices like the automobiles, buildings, etc to transmit, collect, retrieve, and even exchange data. The IOT embeds electronics, software sensors, and actuators to establish intercommunication among the things. The IOT is WIFI driven technology that uses internet support for functioning appropriately. Also the power to be used is an essential factor to transmit and receive the data. However, the vehicles generate their power by using the batteries but the exchange tower or the onboard computers have to be provided with power to work accordingly. The officials had driven on a decision to use the solar powered variable message signs as an ideal alternative to overcome the issue. The VMS provides an onscreen display of the various rules and regulations on traffic which the vehicle has to stick onto.

How IOT Can Solve Traffic Problems

The technology has been into papers ever since 2013 and at a global summit IOT has been referred with the title “The infrastructure of the information society”. IOT employs the sensor and transmitter to make the vehicles communicate with the pre-installed information exchange towers on the pathways. The pre-installed sensor transmits the information about traffic to the sensor attached to vehicle through waves and the sensors on vehicle would feed back to the on-board computer. The entire exchange of data makes a medium where on how the pace and position of the vehicle should be maintained to pass the way. This clears the chaos, generally caused by the confusing directions of vehicles on roads. The technology makes the vehicle smart enough to use the very tiny room on the road with a modest ride. This makes the lane of cars on roads get optimised to number of cars on roads. The coolest part of the technology is that, the vehicles may or may not use the help of the driver to get the vehicle parked. The mobile vms signs help the vehicles to known the current environment and the suitable environment to move the vehicle to get into a safer zone without any glitch.


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