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How Does Speed Gets Enforced By Radar Speed Signs?

How Does Speed Gets Enforced By Radar Speed Signs?

November 20, 2020 06:55

:  Overspeeding is a common problem experienced while driving; usually this is the primary cause of many accidents on the roads and highways. Despite stringent efforts of the authorities to introduce penalty and punishment, the problem seems to persist. Speeding cars can worsen the accidents because the speed of the vehicle is directly proportional to impact it causes a crash. Hence, this is a grave problem that needs an immediate check.

The advancement of technology has given us various tools that aid the process of traffic management and control, one such decision is of application of Radar Speed Signs which keeps a check on speed limit and intimates the drivers about the speed of approaching vehicle.

What is a Radar Speed Sign?

These are communicative signs constructed on LED displaying speed of the vehicle. They are a good replacement of the speed bumps or traffic calming devices. Since they can be placed at the side of the road it doesn’t occupy extra space on the road, moreover, it adds to the beauty of the place. Because of its speed display feature, they have become an integral part of traffic management system and speed controlling device.

How do the Radar Speed Signs work?

The Radar Speed Signs have become a hot topic of discussion amongst people and traffic authorities , the products are selling like hot cakes but an important question that arises here is how do these signs work and what is the concept behind the construction of these signs? Well, here we have collaborated the theory behind the construction of Radar Speed Signs:

The Radar Speed Signs works on the principle of Doppler Effect. These signs send out radio waves and calculate the speed based on the reflected radio waves echoed from the vehicle. Radar Speed Signs measures calculate the time between the sending and receiving of radio waves. This time, the difference is now converted into the distance. The process is repeated to get new distance and this new distance is not the same because the vehicle is either moving closer or going away. The speed is calculated on the basis of the two different distance and time and this speed gets reflected on the radar speed signs.

The Radar Speed Signs allows the operator to feed the threshold speed or the speed limit, if a vehicle is going above the speed it sounds an alarm warning the driver and authorities about overspeeding.

However, if the speed signs are mounted on the vehicle then it shows the difference of speed of two vehicles. Usually, this is mounted on police van or traffic authorities to keep a check that vehicle are moving within the defined speed limit.

The Radar Speed Signs become a highly effective tool of speed control. Not only it helps the traffic authorities but at the same time, it helps the drivers to maintain their vehicle speed within the limits.

What impact does Radar Speed Signs have over people driving the vehicle:

  • People lower the speed up to 80% after an alert by the signs
  • Since it alerts the drivers about the speed of approaching vehicle it helps them manage their own speed and hence prevent accidents.
  • It pre-informs the drivers about the speed limit of a particular area hence, are a great tool to be used at places like school vicinity, sensitive areas etc.

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