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November 20, 2020 06:55

The Global positioning system (GPS) is a space-based radio navigation system which is owned by United States government and operated by United States air force. A GPS system provides location an time information of a particular place on earth.

Initially GPS were used only for military purpose and it was used only by the US department of defence. But later with the advancement of technology GPS navigation become so common activity that almost every person who is having a Smartphone uses it to navigate their way.

In today scenario GPS is a very common device in Smartphone, cars and other device which are used in transport, mining, survey and agriculture.

But here one thing sound very confusing as everything around us changes very fast like every day  as many continent are slowly moving from their positions , these change s are not usually visible but they are taking place. Then how a GPS system keeps all the information up to date with its data.

Knowing things where are

GPS or Global Positioning System is a satellite based technology that helps us to track a particular location of a place, person or moving vehicle. Basically we track the radio signal and we can reach to the person who is using this device. A GPS tracking system can collect data in the asset environment and relay the same to a remote server, where data can be analysed.

A GPS device collects and analyse that by coordinating system of longitudes, latitudes and height. Every country uses their own device and structure to coordinate with GPS system.

Precise positioning on the horizon

In earlier stage when we started using GPS services a difference of meter was not a big issue because navigation system  was not been so accurate at those times. But after the launch of geocentric datum of Australia in 1994, they were able to provide accurate location around 100 metre. Mobile VMS signs and LED variable signs are important tool to manage with the changes and defining the correct location. As mobile VMS is an electronic sign and  used on road ways to give information about special events to travellers while LED variable sign is also offer same banefit but its offer more control and static measure of place.

As Australia has moved 1.6 meter in northeast direction so GDA94 also move its location effectively. But it is estimated that by 2020 Australia will have moved by 1.8 meter and then it would be really difficult to cooperate with the situation and your GPS devices. We can also use driver feedback signs to find more accurate location to correct GPS data as driver feedback data provide rea analysis of a location.

A two stage modernisation

To deal with the above problem Australia’s datum is being modernised in to two stages.

In stage 1, which has begun this year. This is aimed to defining a new datum which on average shifts all coordinates in Australia by 1.8 meter so that it can meet the requirement of a navigation system.

In stage 2, which will start in 2020 the modernisation, will set up a different type of allocation system. That system will be able to measure an model Australia movement.

Who is making changes?

The intergovernmental committee on surveying and mapping has formed a group who will look after the whole process. The GDA modernisation implementation working group is assisting users and government agencies to develop coordinate transformation tools and technical resources.

How do changes affect you?

In order to provide accurate and reliable information on GPS tracking system all information must be identifies by the datum and as well as by longitude, latitude and high coordinate values. Those who work with accurate information, they all need to keep up to date with the important changes being made in Australia datum.

However a combination of GPS along with other technologies like mobile VMS sign, LED variable sign and driver’s  feedback sign can derive fruitful result in finding more accuracy of GPS data.

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