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GRTC’s Transit System Advisory Group Decides To Replace Bus-Stop Signs

GRTC’s Transit System Advisory Group Decides To Replace Bus-Stop Signs

November 20, 2020 06:55

Great Richmond Transit Company or GRTC is a famous name founded in1860 is now popularly known as GRTC Transit System. The company has a strong history of being continuously serving people for over 150 years. GRTC was the first company to introduce electric streetcars.  The company functions on progressive ideology and works persistently to improve its technology that can simplify the travel of the commuters. Some of the leading example set by GRTC Transit System includes incorporation of digital bus stop signs, vanpool, regional taxicab oversight, special services for those who are physically disabled etc. All-in-all it can be said that GRTC Transit system has emerged as an Avant-garde transit system in the USA and owing to its highly progressive approach it has become one of the most preferred choices of people. The latest news that drew the attention of many towards GRTC came when it announced to replace its bus stop signs.

Why GRTC decided to replace the bus stop signs?

As a part of its moving ahead ideology, the company had decided to replace around 2000 basic bus stop signs. The plan to replace the bus signs has already been executed with first to receive the makeover were the bus signs of 72-72 Ampthill/Ruffin Road ad 32 Grinter Park. The prime reason officials are claiming is that these signs are more than 20 years old and seriously demand an immediate makeover. As per the schedule of the project, it is expected to wind up the changes by 2017 summer or spring with Downtown being the last area of work.

What's new with these signs?

The new version of bus stop signs are taller and have a clear visibility. They have been developed keeping in mind the VDOT specifications. The new signs will have information about the bus stop number, contact number of GRTC customer support, and details about the routes that the specific bus will serve. Two other versions introduced by GRTC include the information kiosk and solar panel enabled bust stop sign. The information kiosk is a four-sided cube which will have all the information about the bus and it's route map to assist the travellers. The solar-panel enabled bus signs have the feature of being illuminated at night, with the help of a switch people can turn on the bus sign and can easily see the information displayed on the signs.

However, there is an additional advantage when it comes to information kiosk and solar panel enabled bus stop signs, the map printed on the bus destination sign has the bus tracker, customer can get text intimation about bus arrival, they can also scan the QR code and can reach the GRTC website from where they can easily download the bus route information or information about the status of the bus’s arrival and departure.

Futuristic Approach

The replacement of old bus signs and replacing them with new ones was a tough task but being a part of service industry it's very important to have features that will help the customer. This step of GRTC is a move in the direction of enhancing customer support and at the same time implementing modern technology to simplify the travel. Bus stop signs have been used since a long time but the current scenario demands quick service and that too with a minimum time lag and hence many companies are jumping in the pool of manufacturing and installing products that are driven by state-of-the-art technology.

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