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Fisher Street Residents Demand A Radar Speed Sign

Fisher Street Residents Demand A Radar Speed Sign

November 20, 2020 06:55

Road rage, road accidents, overspeeding, traffic jams are a few problem that is now becoming a daily affair , however, with the advent of technology we now have intelligent traffic management system which has to a great extent helped in traffic management . The upsurge of various traffic control and traffic calming devices like Radar Speed Signs, VMSs, bollards, flap barriers etc. have helped in streamlining the traffic and removing the bottleneck. Despite the growing use of such tools and techniques, there are places which still face traffic issues and overspeeding issues. One such incident which recently came up when Fisher street residents vehemently demanded the closure of Kimball street.

The news:

The burgeoning problem of traffic faced by the residents of Fisher street had compelled the authorized to close down the Kimball street. However, this was not a day’s affair rather after series of complaint from the residents regarding the problems faced by them every day.The residents faced the problem of a  traffic jam because of over-crowding of school buses and vans which not only created a commotion on the road but also raised the level of noise pollution . Also, the overspeeding is on the Kimball street was yet another problem faced by them. The series of complaints from the local residents has forced the authorities to close the Kimbal street. But, this is not the sole reason; a deadly crash that occurred on the street which demanded immediate closure of the street.

Lesson to be learned:

The incident clearly shows that there is a lack of good traffic management and it requires installation and implementation of certain traffic management system which can reduce such occurrences in the future. The people of Fisher Street have demanded the installation of radar speed signs which can not only guide the vehicle about the speed of the approaching vehicle but at the same time, it makes them aware of the speed limit. Driving with the speed limit and knowing about the speed of approaching vehicle helps in reducing traffic chaos and accidents and this forms the basis of intelligent traffic management system.

What are Radar Sped Signs ?

Radar Speed signs are digital signage which given information about the speed limit and speed of approaching vehicle. They are one of the best traffic calming devices that are being used across the state. It has been observed that radar speed signs have helped 80% of the speeders to slow down their speed.Moreover, because of their compatible size they can be placed on the roadside without encroaching the road space. Moreover, these speed signs can be customized as per requirement and can be used for displaying information in pictorial representation format.

Features of a good radar speed sign:

  • Works in real time
  • Initiates about the speed of approaching the vehicle with minimum or no time lag.
  • Has good readability
  • Can be customized as per requirement
  • Vandal free
  • Energy efficient
  • Weatherproof
  • Cost effective
  • Low on maintenance

Radar Signs have proven to be effective in most of the cases and will follow the suit for the Fisher street residents.

Our Role:

Photnplay has long been in the business of manufacturing avant-garde radar speed signs. We understand the importance of an effectively managed traffic and hence our alacrity is to manufacture product that can give accurate outcomes. Our manufactured radar speed signs are designed as per the highest quality standards using the best technologies. Moreover, we offer customizable range of products with pocket-friendly prices. Our team of designers and engineers continuously work toward introducing new technology which can make devise run more efficiently. If you wish to know more about our products drop us an email or call us.

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